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Paint Your Words

”Meet me at midnight underneath the stars. I’ll bring my books and you’ll bring your heart.”



she loves too deep

in a shallow world



the midnight sky

turned her into

a wildly creative


just as her smile

turned him into

a dangerously naive




her smile may be sweet

her gaze may be innocent

her acts may be the kindest

the world ever experienced

she may be the face

you can’t forget

but that soul

that soul is nothing but

pure lust

deep within

lies a dark, deep

intense desire

how dare you


a flaming fire



come closer.

pay attention,

and you’ll notice

the tears in her eyes

are actual stars.



some call it love

others call it pain

he calls it her



time stands still

in moments

your heart dies



from all of the chaos

a flower started to blossom



dreaming of her

is his great escape



with her

he is his most powerful self






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