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Dear 2018

… You are like a newborn relationship. Exciting and deeply treasured.

”Life is uncertain. Life is beautiful. Accept where you are, and be proud. But most of all be kind. Always be kind to yourself, fellow humans, the planet and the animals. You have one body. We have one Earth. Show respect, kindness and courage. Life may be uncertain, but we all got a chance of making something beautiful out of it. Be bold, take the chance.”

Dear 2018, I heart you. I heart you like I heart the beauty of nature. The sound of the ocean, the whispers in the wind, the calmness of the forest. The sky so endless it makes us believe everything is possible. I believe the sun will set every night, I believe the sun will rise every morning. How can there not be magic with a nature so magical?

Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you. Together we can achieve anything, darling friend.

Darling lover, life begins now.


never rush something you want to last forever.


Excerpt from my ebook “SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, BUT FOR HOW LONG.” 

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