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Christmas Holiday Bucket List



Outside the world is covered
in darkness and snow.
Soft snowflakes dancing
from a midnight sky
overflowing with christmas lights,
twinkling in all their brilliance.
A cold, crisp breeze
and suddenly everyone around you
is blushing red.
Your heart a burning flame
filled with fireworks
and Christmas wishes.
You place the big carrot
on Mr. Snowman’s face
and wonder if;
You will be walking in the air,
floating in the moonlit sky
while the people far below
are sleeping as you fly.
And in that moment you start to see
the beauty within the darkness,
because without it
you wouldn’t be able
to reach for the stars.


Christmas Holiday Bucket List;

  1. Drink hot chocolate
  2. Go on a Christmas tree hunt
  3. Bake gingerbread cookies
  4. Decorate the Christmas tree
  5. Snuggle on the coach
  6. Do a random act of kindness
  7. Drink glue wine
  8. Write a letter to Santa
  9. Make epic plans for 2018
  10. Play in the snow
  11. Read books
  12. Wake up early and enjoy the coffee in silence in front of the Christmas tree
  13. Watch Christmas movies
  14. Have a game night
  15. Wrap Christmas presents
  16. Burn candles
  17. Write Christmas poems
  18. Go for long winter walks
  19. Kiss underneath the mistletoe
  20. Spend time with family


❤ Linda


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