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Day Trip & Own Creation

‘psithurism  (noun) = the sound of the wind through trees.’


It was a cold and crisp November’s day when I got the most spontaneous idea to go to Sigtuna, a small and cosy town approx. 2 hours from Stockholm. Or actually, the idea came during my morning meditation. I had this voice inside my head; ‘You have to go to the cosy little town outside Stockholm that your friend keeps talking about all the time.’ I did not remember the name of this cosy, little town though. But thank you Google.

I was very pleased because my friend Emelie had a day off and was happy to join. We strolled around, trying to keep ourselves warm, had lunch at the main hotel in town and enjoyed a beautiful sunset by the water. Nature and stillness – and the brain is intact again.


I received my book in the mailbox today! I have to proof read it first, and then I might order some more copies so I can give to friends and family. Yes, I wrote a short piece this summer/fall… Mostly poetry and words filled with pure passion. It is about Mother Nature, evolving and learning to appreciate the present moment, simply because the now is wow. I had this strong feeling that I had to create something. It is not a master’s piece, it is my work of art. It is far from perfection, but it is a learning process. We all have to start somewhere. The most important thing actually is to start. To dare to start although you are not ready.

‘I’m not a writer, I just love to write. I’m not an inspirer, I just love to inspire. I’m not brave, I just love to inspire people to be brave, cause then at the same time maybe I can inspire myself.’

– Linda


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