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Re-nourish your morning routines

‘Every action you choose to take will either pull you one step back or take you two steps closer to your dreams. However, you decide.’


I love mornings. The best hours during the day, without a doubt. Nevertheless I’ve set some new goals for myself. Challenges to incorporate into my morning routine. These are small goals that everyone can do, and that are somewhat easy to achieve. I want them to become part of my everyday life, and in order to do so I need to stay consistent. I’m a firm believer in setting small ordinary goals that are both realistic and easy to accomplish. I will try to follow these for the next 30 days.

1. Wake up at 6 am. 

I really wish to to get into this early morning routine again. Preferably I would like to get up at 5.30 am, but for now on 6 am is just fine. I will strive to do this whenever it’s possible, meaning if I work until late in the evening I most likely will not crawl out of bed at 6 o’clock. But when it’s imaginable I will do it. No more pressing that snooze button.

2. Write a gratitude list every morning.

‘Being grateful while striving to improve will allow you to be thankful for all that you already have.’


It’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve; actually it’s necessary in order to grow. However, at the same time appreciating what you have will make you look at things differently, and to stop taking them for granted. I think the impact will be much greater if you write them down instead of just saying them out load. And make it a Sunday evening habit to read through everything you written, reminding yourself of all the wonderful things in your life.

Every morning write down 5 things you are grateful for in life.

+ Every evening write down 5 things you are grateful for having accomplished during the day.

Download my weekly gratitude list and start writing already!

*weekly gratitude list*

3. Hydrate!

I know. Water is essential. It’s good for everything; it clears out your skin, it supports the digestive system, it helps you think more clearly and makes you more alert. But somehow I forget to take a sip of this oh so fundamental drink. Now I literally force myself to drink at least 2 liters a day, preferably 3 liters since I’m such a coffee-addict, and workout rather often. I know how important water is for me; it helps me so much with my stomach problems. So why do I tend to forget about its magic properties? I’ve no idea. Just by drinking enough water for two days I’ve noticed a big difference – I’ve probably been dehydrated the past weeks. Welcome back mental clarity!

Please, drink your water. You might not think it will make a huge difference, but trust me on this, it will. From now on I will start every day with two big glasses of water. First water, then coffee.

4. Read 20 pages in a book.

Reading is something I’ve become to enjoy more and more. I’ve read quite a lot of books these past months. For me it’s definitely a form of meditation. At the moment I also prefer reading books in English since I want to improve my language skills and increase my vocabulary – killing two birds with one stone.

Reading forces you to become more present, and it’s a nice way to calm down before a hectic day. Investing your energy in the present moment is a very wise decision, and to do so early in the morning sets good intentions for the day ahead.

5. Even if you don’t feel like doing it get that s*it done

Do not procrastinate. In order for you to be able to focus on the good stuff get that not so fun stuff out of your way. If you wake up earlier you will have more time to get those annoying stuff checked off your daily to-do-list. Answer the emails, make the phone calls, book the dentist appointment, clean out your computer….

Write it down

You might have totally different challenges, or goals you wish to make part of your everyday routine. However, whatever they might be write them down since it brings more clarity and makes it easier to follow through. Make yourself a 30 day challenge and go from there.


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