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Pre Beauty Sleep


‘Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’

– Albert Einstein

Evening routine

1. Write


Sometimes I like to practise writing without having any structure, just letting the mind say what it has to say. I like the thought of not thinking too much about anything. But usually, in the evenings, my mind wish to be a complete mess of thoughts, and I allow it. Letting the mind completely unwind and relax is very important. You need that. Your brain needs that. I try to focus on not focusing too much. Something like that. Doesn’t always turn out the way I want it. I have become to realise that I sleep much better, more beautifully, if I write down my mind’s stories before bedtime. Like when you were a child and your parents read good-night-stories (hoping that you would fall a sleep before the news).

However, now we are old enough to create our own stories. Although, we were actually around 4 when we started creating all kind of different stories. Already then is the mind filled with creativity. The creativity of a child is limitless, since the mind of a child (usually) has no fear. A child can easily see the joy and happiness in the simplest of things. We can never take that away from her, instead we should let her teach us. The child do not care about what others think about her story. She creates from her heart, simply because, she loves her heart. And she will love her heart until the day when she grows older, and the real world tells her not to.


his voice, an echo in her mind, like she could hear all the lovely thoughts so clearly, truthfully for what they are. words are simply words. it is the meaning you attach to them that allows you to make sense to them. like grabbing forgotten memories and breathing them into life. and then you realise they become something much greater than a word. much more than a memory. because all of a sudden they become everything. they become life. they become your heart pumping hundred times faster. they become we.

as she sat there in stillness, all these words, the echo of his voice, came running through her body. she came to realise, and finally, she could fall a sleep with hope and faith peacefully resting in her heart. 

2. Fall a sleep.

And just like that she falls a sleep.


‘sleeping allows the soul to awaken.

creating dreams from out of nowhere?


we dream our biggest dreams,

we dream our biggest lives.


that’s why sleep is so important,

you allow yourself to come alive.’


i wonder what i look like in your dreams


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