Senaste inläggen


”We can never run out of love,
it’s in the air we’re breathing.”

Awaken your creativity, dear human. Awaken your soul. Find the bright light within. Know that life is amazing, exactly as it is. You’re amazing. Every breath a sign that you are. We are. Cherish every heartbeat, every sunrise. Every tear drop. It all happens right before your very eyes; hearts illuming, red roses blooming. Breathtakingly beautiful this precious moment alive.

… and then fear asked courage

teach me

please teach me

it’s about a life
that’s flourishing
and exciting
and unexpected
it’s about life

i see ocean
in your eyes
i smell the flowers
of your heart
every flaw
cracked open
soft raindrops
resting on your cheeks
a reflection of me

Don’t let yourself
Be fooled
My soul
Not defined by
Its shell

with no words
undress me
with your eyes
whatever you do
my feelings

it was the way
in which she wore
the color purple
in every word
smile and touch
even every breath
a hint of magic

Dear June…

… … it’s been a year since we last met. I can’t believe you’re almost here.

My soul talks about nothing but you.

I speak so much better when I’m silent. 4 AM sunrise. The world is quiet. My mind intense.”

June dear, nature must be head over heels for you, the way she blossoms when you arrive. I look at you, and wonder, out of all the months in the world, I’m happy to have found one that is so perfect for me. 

June is for hot, loving summer nights. Magical, never-ending evenings. The sun wide awake, but please, don’t go back to sleep, you’re one to keep. June is for finding the happy within. Smelling roses and counting stars. Eating strawberries and breathing in vitamin sea. June is for dancing with the waves, playing with nature, kissing the soft, morning rain. You’re impeccable, just the way you are. 

This June is all about not forcing things. What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes. There’s only space for the things that are meant for us. Beautiful words, beautiful beings. Life is happening right here. Now, is the time. It’s about speaking with integrity, expressing deeply rooted desires. Throwing out limiting beliefs, negative self-talk. It’s about becoming what we always knew we were. Trusting, and accepting oneself. Loving oneself. Don’t ever forget to smell the blessings around you. Don’t ever forget to be you. 

”Wild, my darling, be wild. Don’t let them tame you.”

I welcome you, my loving friend. I sense we’ll have a blast. Forgetting all about the past.


tell secrets to the sunset ♥

”The moon has secrets
for those who listen.”



don’t tell anyone

… i kinda like
to look at you
when you laugh




Found in the details

The way the ray of sunlight
touches your dark brown iris.
The way your voice
soothes my breath.
The way your fingers
entwine with mine.
The way every time
I hear you laugh
a blissful shiver
down my spine.
The way your presence
lingers underneath my skin,
long after you are gone.
The way your lips
heal my scars.
The way my touch
opens your heart.



To your fingertips

There’s a universe inside
A few.
I bet you
Never knew,
As I were
Undressing you,
Pouring out too.



Embrace life

Whatever the day brings,
kiss the Sun.
Whatever the night whispers,
kiss the Moon.
Whatever I say,
kiss Me.

And if you think
his November rain
is too heavy,
you don’t deserve
his blossoming trees
early April.
He’s a once in a lifetime
paving the way for
the winter,
and eventually
the spring.
This cycle of life,
cycle of you,
beautifully entwined,
while moving towards
the summer,
perfectly aligned.

– late night conversations with the Moon



Next to me

If I let you go,
will you return with the wind?
If I bury you underneath
my thoughts,
will you visit me in my dreams?
If I walk with my eyes closed,
will you sneak in,
with the beam of sunlight?

If I decide to wake up,
early dawn,
will you be breathing,
next to me?




”Even in the chaos,
don’t forget to kiss.”

There are times when we are fully engaged in the things happening in the outside world that we simply forget to connect with the vast world within. Rest assured; the more you listen to and trust your own unique voice things will start flowing more effortlessly, regardless of how chaotic life may seem. 

Every day trying my best to be comfortable with the uncertainty, not letting fear be a dominant factor in what I do. Instead, my goal is to take action to initiate change. Cause when nothing is certain, anything is possible. At times like these when the comfort has been taken away from us it’s time to lean towards growth.

And some days I fail miserably. Still and all, that’s part of being human. Nonetheless, the moment you start to see failure as a means to growth, you’ll become immune to it. As long as we learn from our experiences failure does not exist. You did not fail if it made you into a better human. In fact, it’s a sign of evolution.

This is a sign of evolution.


We learn a lot about ourselves just by being with ourselves. You might learn that you like to dress like a teenager instead of the grown-up you are. You might learn that you can read four books within a week. You might learn that you will never stop educating or challenging yourself, cause that’s what makes your brain come alive. You might learn that within all of us is a child, eager to come out and play. You might learn that your dreams might be a bit crazy, however, they are your dreams. Your heart. You might learn that you drink way too much coffee. Listen to music every waking hour.

You might learn that you are afraid of failure, still, you learn that you are more afraid of not trying. You might learn that you cherish the stillness, a star filled sky. You might learn that nothing in life is certain but change. Ever evolving, constantly dynamic. You might learn that the only way to live is to let yourself be invited to life’s dance. You might learn that you sometimes judge yourself, as well as others. And then you learn to accept yourself for being human. You might learn that when the mind is still, everything becomes clear blue sky. And then you learn that whatever life gives you, love is, and will always be, the answer.

It will always be the answer.




Slow living

”The only constant thing in life is change, hence adapt to the cycles, and surrender to all that is given to you.”


Little did I know what was waiting all of us when I wrote this in the beginning of the year. I guess, slow living is the-new-living in 2020.


One thing I want to bring with me into 2020 is the idea of ”slow living”. Taking into account that I’m a rather sensitive human I believe it’s a concept I’ll greatly benefit from. In fact I believe all of us can benefit from slowing down the pace, even for a tiny bit. More often than not this fast paced society triggers feelings such as worry, anxiety and stress. We constantly feel the pressure to have more, do more, be more. Never being satisfied, and continually seeking instant gratifications. Forgetting all about how to breathe in-between.

”You’re right where you need to be in order to get to where you want to go.”

I’ve noticed that the quieter my surroundings, the easier it becomes to hear my inner voice. My mind is one of those who like to constantly chitchat about this and that, and usually about weird, irrelevant topics. To be able to still the mind, and listen to what lies underneath is, however, my main purpose while seeking stillness. When the mind is turbulent it’s difficult to hear or see anything, nevertheless, when the mind is calm, everything becomes clear blue sky. I believe, that, within the stillness you find space. A space called home.

One doesn’t have to meditate in order to find peace of mind, however it might help. Needless to say, it’s not the minutes that count; it’s what you carry with you, after you’ve been sitting in silence – the patience, the alertness and a greater sense of awareness. Meditation is not sitting with no thought –  it’s letting the thoughts pass by, not dwelling, but simply being aware. It’s a perfect way to practise slow breathing, going within, and trusting oneself.

When seeking stillness you allow your brain to go beyond thought. You might for example struggle with a challenging task, and seek more intelligent ideas on how to proceed – when you allow your brain to unwind, and ”turn off”, hence getting rid of all the pressure, you allow your creativity to come alive, which in turn may lead to more creative solutions to your problem.

”Trust the seasons changing, trust your inner voice. It knows.”

There’s a special thing being one with nature, whether it’s watching the ocean, smelling the forest, hiking in the autumn mountains, taking a midnight swim or laughing up in the air. Nature has a tendency to teach us plenty; she teaches us how to be still, how to unwind and relax. When in nature, start practicing being more present – stay alert and witness the beauty she so effortlessly provides us with. Let her guide you home.

Another perfect opportunity to practice slow living is while eating. Taste your food, smell it, feel it. With every bite, be there. When you eat, you eat, you don’t scroll through social media, watch TV, sit infront of your computer, or talk with your friends on the phone. You eat, and with every delicious bite, you’re there. It’s the same when you’re preparing food; cooking can actually be the most perfect way to unwind. Chill music in the background, a glass of red wine, good company – and you just created the most perfect recipe for ultimate relaxation.

Exactly why is slow living good for you?

The main reason – you actually start enjoying life, and not just living life. You become more aware of the things happening around you, as well as within you. I don’t believe life is meant to be rushed, cause to where are you rushing? Your death bed? 

Sit with yourself, discover what makes your heart sing.

Take every chance you get to do the things that make you come alive. It doesn’t have to be anything huge; if you like to play the piano – play the piano, if you like to feed the poor – feed the poor, if you like to write – write. Don’t complicate things. And remember to smile. To laugh. Life should be enjoyed with pure bliss.

When you’re enjoying what you’re doing you easily reach that so called flow state. A state of being when time passes by without you even noticing. A state of being when you’re your most creative self. A state of being when you’re guided by your inner voice. A state of being that can only be described by the words pure bliss. Learn to look at life with the curiosity of a child. Embrace who you are – all of it, both the shadow and the light. Accept your darker sides, your shortcomings. It is with acceptance and awareness that we can start to begin to change.

The study of self

By taking time to slow down you allow yourself to fully appreciate all that is happening within you. In other words, it can be seen as the study of self.

Become curious. Curious enough to want to know more about yourself, and the ways in which you can expand. There’s so much to discover, and learn about life, about yourself and the people around you. When you spend precious, slow time alone you gain a better understanding of who you are, and what you desire in life. You may also come to appreciate other peoples’ company more, after spending hours by yourself.

When it comes to relationships you have the opportunity to be both the teacher, and the student. Therefore, start practising slow living when interacting with other people. What can you teach each other? In what way can you serve one another? How can you both benefit from the interaction? Start by listening without judgment. Listen to understand, not simply to respond.

Keep in mind that everything is positive as long as we learn from it. Learn to forgive yourself, and others. Relationships are our biggest teachers. Humans are social creatures, we’re not meant to sit in solitude day in and day out. We’re meant to interact with each other. We’re meant to evolve and change with the help from one another. You truly get to know yourself while communicating and spending time with a wide range of people. It’s a tremendous richness to get to spend time with humans that are different from ourselves – people that have a different outlook on life, speak a different language, as well as people with different life experiences.

With this being said, I strongly believe we all can benefit from introducing the concept of  ”slow living” into our hectic lives. Not only for the sake of our own wellbeing, but in the interest of gaining a deeper connection within our relationships.


Poetry is art

”Love – not simply a noun, but a verb craving to be felt.”

There’s a time for being ahead. A time for being at peace. There’s a time for being in motion. A time for being at rest. There’s a time for being vigorous. A time for being exhausted. To everything there’s a season. There’s a time for every purpose under the sun. 

The words above got stuck with me as I listened to them the other day.

No storm can last forever. Not even nature can create a storm that lasts forever. Hidden within every struggle is victory. Within every failure lies an opportunity. Hidden within yourself is everything you’ll ever need; power, love, compassion, joy, success and abundance. Every battle, and every difficulty molds you into a stronger human. As long as you know that you’re on the right path you’ll eventually end up where you want to go. There is and there was nothing like you, and there shall be nothing like you. Therefore, never seek to compare yourself with others. Nonetheless, let yourself be inspired by the people around you.

Realize that you don’t have any real control over how things will turn out. And isn’t that the beauty of life? To finally let go of the things beyond our control. Self-awareness is one of the most important elements when it comes to self-realization as it taps into the intuition and instinct. Trust the voice within; trust that you have all the answers you’re seeking. There are times when we’re so fully engaged in things happening in the outside world that we simply forget to connect with the vast world within. Rest assured; the more you listen to and trust your own unique voice things will start flowing more effortlessly, regardless of how chaotic life may seem.

”A journey of a thousand miles begins with one first step.”

– Lao Tzu

What better time then now to focus on how to enjoy life more fully, and bring what you desire to the world. What are you longing for? Now is the perfect time to start. Not tomorrow. Not next week or month. Now. A seed grows into a tree not in a wink of an eye, but with patience and humility over a period of time. A peaceful and calm mind is a powerful source of energy. Breathe new life into your being if that’s what you need. Listen to your body; what does it ask for? Rest? Action? Compassion? Excitement? Be still, and go within.

Advice for today (or any day for that matter); spend time in nature. Be playful, dance with her. Trust her. Walk barefoot if possible. Touch the grass, feel the ground underneath. Talk to the stars, laugh at the moon. Let the soft raindrops wash your troubles away. Embrace mother nature as she protects every step you take.


♥ poetry is art ♥


Take my hand,
inhale my breath,
we won’t die,
as long as we don’t fall
in love.



i see you in sunsets

in the light of
the Moon
in ocean waves
crashing ashore
in the purest snowfall
embracing the dark
in random smiles
i hear your laugh
in the simplest of things
where you always are




And if you think
his November rain
is too heavy,
you don’t deserve
his blossoming trees
early April.
He’s a once in a life time
paving the way for
the winter,
and eventually
the spring.
This cycle of life,
cycle of you,
beautifully entwined,
while moving towards
the summer,
perfectly aligned.

– late night conversations with the Moon



Brief nanoseconds

What if we were just meant to
Look into each other’s eyes
For a brief second.
What if we were just meant to
Drown in that moment,
Just so we could learn how to swim.
What if we were just meant to
Wake each other up.
What if we were just meant to
Experience brief, flying moments.
Nanoseconds never felt before.
What if we are not meant to meet again.
What if I carry you within my heart.
What if you wouldn’t mind,
More of these brief nanoseconds.



You say my breath
Calms down
When I’m next to thee,
I say your eyes
Speak loudly
When they lay on me.
Not each others,
Still your breath
Pounds faster
When you’re next to me,
As my eyes tranquil
When they lay on thee.


when you least expect it,
come what may.
when you least deserve it,
or so you say.
it makes you question
all you’ve experienced
thus far,
everything from
to your



Don’t promise me
Promise me
This moment
One sunrise
At a time



The tranquility of being

”Be still and observe – the earth is dancing.”

I am ”I just want to sit in front of the ocean for a little while” kind of person. Whenever I need to find stillness I go to the ocean. The sense of calmness, as well as the sound of crashing waves always bring peace to my soul. I’ve always lived close to the sea; I grew up on the coast, in a small town in Finland, and I’ve always seen myself living close to the water, also in the future. Wherever I move there needs to be water.

Water is life.

”A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.”

I’ve noticed that the quieter I become, the more alive I feel. My mind is one of those who like to constantly chitchat about this and that, and usually about weird, irrelevant topics. To be able to still the mind, and listen to what lies underneath is, however, my main purpose while seeking stillness. When the mind is turbulent it’s difficult to hear or see anything; when it’s calm, everything becomes clear blue sky.

I believe, that within the stillness you find home.

I read somewhere that ”to spend time in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”, and isn’t that true. Nature is the best place to visit when one wants to get in the ”zone”, find inspiration or simply just be. I felt a lack of inspiration coming over me, but after some well needed time – listening to the sound of the waves, the feeling of the sun caressing my cheeks and the fresh air embracing my skin – my mind is clearer and filled with more space for creativity to enter. Thank you, dear Nature.

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than observing nature. Finding stillness while for example hiking in the forest or in the mountains will do wonders for your entire being. Escaping the real world for a couple of hours, or even days, might boost your creativity and feed it with new flourishing insights.

Below you’ll find some other ways which might help you spark your creativity.

  • Tap into your body through movement. Working out has many health benefits, not only does it affect your body, building up your cardiovascular health and slowing down your ageing, but your headspace will feel much clearer. When you’ve crushed out a great workout you’re ready to crush out even more things during the day – to accomplish the tasks you’ve at hand, getting more productive. Soon you’ll notice that your body and mind will start to work with you, rather than against you.
  •  Read. I advice you to read something totally different from what you’re used to. If you’re used to reading fiction, read some kind of study or scientific research. Or if you mainly read scientific studies; read a novel. Change things up. I read three books last week; one was a thriller, the second one a self-help, and the third a non-fiction. A little bit of everything, in order to challenge the brain.
  • Free write. If you’re one of those who suffers from writers block, and writing is your job, then I would advise you to just write. Write about everything, and nothing – put down all of your thoughts on a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be great – get rid of the pressure of having to constantly deliver something awesome all the time. However, many times when we get rid of stress, and stop being so hard on ourselves, things start to work with us, rather than against us.

  • Reconnect with your why. It’s very easy to get caught up in every day life that we tend to forget about why we’re doing certain things. Reestablish your why and the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing. Connect with your purpose – write down why you like to do the things you’re doing, what would you like to accomplish and why would you like to accomplish it? If you end up realising that you hate what you’re doing than look at it as a tremendous opportunity to tap into yourself, to find your why again.
  •  Change up your routines. Spice up your life by making small adjustments; wake up one hour earlier every morning, try out a new hobby, meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, read a book instead of watching a movie, try out new foods, take a different route to school or work. These tiny things might not end up having the greatest impact in your life, but changing up your habits can keep you from getting into a rut.
  • Clean. For me, personally, cleaning is rather therapeutic. When I feel unmotivated and uninspired it helps a lot to either rearrange things in the apartment or to get rid of junk I don’t need. When things are neat and tidy around me I feel refreshed, and ready to get on with my day.
  • Write your future. Before doing this exercise I like you to get rid of self-doubt and thoughts such as ”I’m not good enough, I can’t achieve my goals” etcetera. Just for once, for 20 minutes, allow yourself to dream freely. What are your deepest desires? How would you like your future to look like? While doing this exercise write as if it has already happened. Don’t use words such ”I want” or ”I wish”, rather use the word ”I am”. If you could have the life you’ve always dreamt of what would it look like? Be as detailed as possible. You might feel silly while doing this, thoughts might pop up in your head; ”Do you really believe that you could do that?” Why? Why are we doubting ourselves all the time? Wouldn’t it be nice if we once and for all allowed ourselves to be exactly who we wished to be? And you know what, you might not end up achieving all of your amazing goals, but at least you dared to dream, dared to believe in yourself. And that, my friend, is bloody amazing.



”Listen to the universe while it sings to you. Don’t wait until it screams, cause it will.”


I believe your cold breeze sings to me, as your gloomy night speaks to me. My quiet thoughts secretly in love with your dark, fierce character, however, be gentle, be kind, summer still on my mind. While I’m reading you slowly I’ve become aware, beneath that brisk, unpredictable wind, lies a warm, delicate soul, teaching us all how to grow. Quiet the mind, dance with every breath. Now is the time to set all worries aside, rise above limiting beliefs and self-destructive behavior. Awaken to a new confidence, forceful as the strongest brittlest wind. Found within. It takes courage to be who you are. Always found within.


… and then fear asked courage – please teach me.

Teach me everything you know,

like the way you always succeed making life strangely appealing.



Found in the details

The way the ray of sunlight touches your dark brown iris. The way your voice soothes my breath. The way your fingers entwine with mine. The way every time I hear you laugh, a blissful shiver down my spine. The way your presence lingers underneath my skin, long after you’re gone. The way your lips heal my scars. The way my touch opens your heart.



love me
in such a way
that makes me feel




… but if the universe cries
when she sees us apart,
then, my Love,
I will share with you
this heart.



Do not fear, Silly boy.
As long as you give her
space to breathe,
and an embrace from where to roam,
she will always return home.

– late night conversations with the Moon



If you seek love
breathe love.

breathe me.


Dear May…

… you come bearing opportunities.

”…give me a winter to wake up, and deserve you.”

As I find myself moving with the universe, a sense of peace floating through my veins. The sun, caressing my heart, the moon, my entire being. 

Dear nature, dear moment, you feed me hope. You feed me laughter. And when I finally opened my eyes, I noticed, how you so effortlessly transformed into a beautiful work of art. 

This May, all about honest expressions. Living with integrity, boldness and compassion. The words you speak become the house you live in. Now is the time to trust. Trust yourself.

Trust your voice.

Love you. 

Stay open to how the sky, at night, changing its colors, hour by hour.

May is for magical, heart-warming evenings. Nature, and humans, reborn. Wherever life plants you, flourish with grace. Explore the unseen, take chances. Be brave. It’s time to press play.

Believe in the magic of being. Human being.

Love you. 

It’s about seeking answers. Gaining wisdom.

Isn’t that why being a child is so wonderful? How she’s always in awe of something. Even the smallest things make her curious. Never afraid to just be. The way she’s exploring, questioning life.

Loving life.

”… and i swear to god i will forever and always be a child. a child of heart.”

Darling May, I welcome you. Your gracefulness found in every heart I meet, your light in every eyes I see. You make us blossom, you make us believe.

It’s about a life that’s flourishing and exciting. Beautiful and unexpected. It’s about life.

Although we don’t know where we’re going, we’ll figure out the details later.

And as I’m undressing you, I notice opportunities pouring out too.

Love you. 


You are here, there is nowhere else to be

”In this moment I am everything I will ever need.”


There is no way we humans can control what is happening around us. We may think that we have control, or we may have thought that we had control (and now; all is lost). However, thinking that we have control is nothing but an illusion. Control can be seen as something that our minds have made up, in order to create a sense of security and safety. 

This morning I listened to a Ted Talk podcast with Elisabeth Gilbert. She said something that I’ve been thinking about lately, something I’ll go back to as soon as I start to feel anxious and worried. Hopefully it can help you in this moment, in case you feel out of control or fearful.

Whenever you tell yourself ”I’m losing control” or ”I have no control over the situation I’m in”  – Know that the sense that you had control was a myth to begin with… Recognise that you never had control, all you had was anxiety, and that’s what you’re having right now. Surrendering means letting go of something you never had control over.

Read that again – Surrendering means letting go of something you never had control over. 

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that you’re a completely powerless human being – in fact you posses a great deal of power. What you do have control over in this unpredictable world is your reaction to all that is happening. No one can take the ability to choose how to react away from you. Why? Cause you own it. That power is all yours. Yet, you might not won’t to take that responsibility. Can it be that it’s a too heavy burden to carry, to know that you actually are the one responsible for your own wellbeing?

At a first glance letting go seems like giving up – I’m throwing in the towel, I can’t take this anymore. However, it’s nothing like that; the minute you surrender a sense of peace will arise. When you align with the present moment the motivation to take action, and to actually do something comes from a deeper knowing. And most importantly, the action doesn’t come from fear. It stems from serenity. It stems from compassion. It stems from the fact that when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

You are here, there is nowhere else to be. Why focus on being somewhere else, when you are here. If you can’t change the situation in this very moment – surrender. If you feel pain, fear or anxiety – surrender. Feel it – don’t numb how you’re feeling – Feel it. And after, surrender a bit more. And then, let it go. The future hasn’t arrived yet, and when it does, it will arrive in the now. All these thoughts going through your head; observe them, let them dance through you as you witness them, peacefully pass by. Between one thought and another you’ll find space.

Clear blue sky.

Ascend into it, let it breathe through you while it guides you towards your truth.

The more present you are in every moment, the more alive and alert you’ll be. The choices you need to make, the actions you need to take – everything will arise, within. When you listen, you will hear the birds sing, the heart spring. The moment you turn away from the things, thoughts distracting you, you give yourself an opportunity to trust yourself. Essentially, you’ll know how to trust yourself. The only thing needed; your presence.

You are here, there is nowhere else to be,

but here.