Senaste inläggen

The utmost freedom

”When humans stop running away from themselves, the world will become a kinder, more peaceful place.”

At times freedom has little to do with the outside world, and circumstances. Man becomes free the moment he becomes free of thought. When he does not longer obsess over the constant chatter in his mind, but instead turns towards the heart.

Freedom from compulsive thinking, desire, addiction, outside validation, constant approval. How does one become free of all that?

I think one needs to stop. One needs to allow himself to slow down, to listen. When one is constantly bombarding himself with stimuli from outside sources it becomes nearly impossible to hear, or see anything. How is one able to listen to the whispers of the soul if one is continually caught up in the outside circus? How is it possible to become aware of the song of the heart when the sirens of the external environment is set on full volume?

One does not typically feel comfortable sitting alone with one’s thoughts. To realise just how dysfunctional they have become. How embarrassing to notice all the bitterness, jealousy, self-loathing, judgment caught up inside. To notice how the ego has a tight grip around one’s soul. Trying everything in its power to defend its weaknesses, to numb out its cries for love.

To have oneself rise above one’s thoughts is, however, the challenge. To know that one isn’t at the mercy of one’s thoughts, but actually the witness of the same. To be able to step outside them – observe them for what they are. Thoughts.

This, however, can be very confronting. One does not want to be this person, filled with all this negativity inside. One does just anything to shut it down. Yet, one does not get rid of the negativity by turning away from it, by numbing out the pain with drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, shopping or whatever one wishes to turn to. Rather, one turns towards it. One allows it in, accepts it. And in that moment of acceptance one notices that it actually has no power. But one indeed has the power to release it, to let it go.

We cannot expect the outside world to change if we are not willing to change ourselves. We cannot expect anyone to treat us right if we cannot treat ourselves, or others right. We cannot expect everyone else to do the work if we just sit there and do nothing.

Face you shit, darling. Face your demons, your dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours. Begin to ask yourself why. Why do I allow this into my life? Why? Start taking responsibility for your life. For your own wellbeing. No one will come and save you. You, my darling, you save yourself. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help. In fact you should, you should ask for help if help is what you need. You’re not weak or broken; you’re human, you’re simply being human. It’s within vulnerability that true strength is found.

No one said it would be easy. It might even take you a couple of years in order to make space, and to clear shit out. But what is a couple of years of painful (all-important) healing compared to a lifetime of misery.

Face your shit, darling. Face your demons. And you will become to know utmost freedom.


Small daily habits to improve your life

”Ask yourself; Does this support my innermost being?”

While being perfect is rather boring, we should instead strive to be a bit more willing to be the best version of ourselves. A version that will change from day to day, from hour to hour even. Some days we learn, some days we win. However, we don’t stop when the mountain gets too high or the sea too rough. Rather, we adjust. We may scream a little (or a lot), we may laugh at our foolishness. But we continue, we adapt. And that’s how we evolve.

”Fragile you are, little seed. Planted in the depths of thick, dark, nourishing soil. Resilient you are, blooming flower. Early spring.”

I strongly believe it’s the small daily habits that encompass the greatest value on our overall wellbeing. Like waking up early dawn, knowing it’s time to make yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The smell and sound of coffee beans grinding. The taste of creamy oat milk, nicely poured on top of a hot, steamy cup of goodness. The day can begin. But first, a moment to enjoy a silence only the tranquil, early hour can provide.

There’s an endless list of habits which to incorporate in order to produce a bit more substance to your day. Ask yourself; What can I do to make my day more meaningful? It can be anything, as long as it invigorates you. Something modest, yet something which holds a great deal of significance, and that you wish to bring about, every day.

Below you’ll find some small daily habits of mine that I’ve become utterly attached to, in that sense that they’ve come to play a crucial part of my day. My morning coffee routine being one of them.

Learning Italian 15 minutes a day

I simply adore the Italian language. La lingua italiana é sempre bella. I love to listen to the pronunciation, I love learning new words, and I love the way it challenges my brain. I spoke Italian rather well 18 years ago, however, I’ve forgotten plenty since I haven’t been practising. To set aside 15 minutes every day for a language is achievable almost for anyone. And some may say that 15 minutes a day isn’t enough in order to learn – still, during these minutes I’m fully engaged in the language, and 15 minutes a day is 105 minutes a week. A little bit every day is better then everything in one day, at least in my opinion. It has become a highlight of the day; 15 minutes of me travelling to Italy, daily.


Ever since I started with this daily practice I’ve felt less anxious and more at peace. You see, my mind is constantly chatting – always seems to be a party up there. However, through journaling I somehow separate and remove all the clutter from the important information, the things that make sense, make me proceed. Usually I start my day by writing my thoughts down in a notebook (yes I prefer it to be handwritten). 10-15 minutes of free writing, and the mind feels lighter – It’s like space has been created for new, more creative thoughts to enter. Highly recommend.

Reading a chapter in a book

I usually read two to three books at a time. For me, reading equals meditation. I’ve also started to read books I normally wouldn’t read – I strongly believe in the importance of gaining new insight, and learning new things. And the more I read, the less time I find myself scrolling through social media. I prefer reading a chapter in the afternoon, or before going to bed. A book can take you places you’ve always been afraid to go.

Washing my face

I’ve never been particularly keen on washing my face each morning and each night. Still, it’s something I’ve always done, but without any greater enthusiasm. But ever since I got myself a rose quartz face roller I’ve actually even started to look forward to this insignificant morning and night time routine. By keeping the face roller in the fridge over night it stays cool, and I must say it feels rather heavenly for my tired and puffy morning face.

As you may have noticed, these small daily habits don’t have to be any grand endeavours that will save the humanity from evil. However, in the face of their triviality they might prevent you from falling into a rut. Since you’re the one choosing which habits to incorporate, you will eventually notice that the more rejuvenating habits you choose the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the more positivity you will shine onto the people around you.

It all starts with you ❤

In art I find peace

”Home is where the heart is – within.”

.. and that I believe is the most beautiful thing about our hearts: that there’s enough space for everyone.

in a world where everything
is chaotic
be the one
breathing calm
into it all

slow living
the new living –

some things,
not meant
to be rushed.

You are more powerful than you think

it’s when the safety around us
has been taken away from us
that it’s time to rely
on the safety within

listen to the universe
while it sings to you
don’t wait until it screams
cause it will

You were beautiful from day one

Dear September…

… you make me feel at home. At home in this restless soul of mine.

”Darling, if you want to know love you must lose your fear of me.”

The leaves shine bright in warm golden light. Utterly mesmerized, while watching summer falling artlessly in love with September, whispering final words of goodbyes. Be aware darling human, be aware, you’re shifting, like the softest, brittlest wind. Stay open, be alert, now, the perfect time for a rebirth.

While I’ve always kept summer close to my heart, still and all I believe my soul breathes for fall. 

September is for faith. Love and compassion. It’s for knowing one’s worth, and the ability to shine light in another person’s life. Taking care of the body, as well as the soul. Exploring new cities and friendships. It’s for constantly learning, constantly evolving. Small steps in the right direction. Appreciating every victory, every mistake. It’s for blissful mornings. Dark, quiet evenings. Golden opportunities from dusk till dawn. The bright sunlight caressing thirsty hearts. Thirsty souls. It’s about the ability to inspire other human beings. Improving the quality of life. Challenging the body. Loving the body. Loving life.

”Your greatness is not what you have; it’s what you give. Give kindness, love and passion. Sprinkle your heart everywhere – paint the world, color your life, as well as everyone else’s. Never, ever hide the beauty of your heart. The beauty of you.”

This September is all about being present in the now. It’s about finding humour in everyday life. Expecting, and enjoying the unexpected. Mindfulness and creativity. It’s about a life that’s flourishing and exciting. Beautiful and unexpected. It’s about life.

Awaken dear human, awaken your soul. September is for seeking knowledge, the truth resting deep within. Savor every breath of this moment, while summer effortlessly turns into fall. It’s pure beauty, pure art. Nature soothes us with her colorful heart. Wherever we go, whenever we fall, mother nature’s passionate spirit embraces us all.

Make a choice, take the leap, and don’t you dare to forget your true worth underneath.

I welcome you. The colours of your soul, absolutely ravishing. You’re one of a kind, dear September. One of a kind.

”You’re never alone with a soul full of heart. A sky full of stars, and a world full of hope. Never alone. Never afraid. With a soul full of passion.”

September, darling. You teach us that it’s never too late for new beginnings, never too late to reinvent oneself. In the midst of all the chaos we’ll find ourselves. Never afraid to start again. Begin again. Again and again. Dear human, close your eyes to old ends, open your heart to new beginnings.

It’s time to move forward, time to evolve. Dear September, take our hand, it’s time to resolve. Guide us to where we need to be. You always have the power to shift your life from where you are, to where you dream to be. I know summer, you do not want to leave. However, your tight grip makes it hard to breathe. Please, make room for her colorful soul, await, it’s time for her to become whole.


Dear August

… hug me, I want to feel your heart beat.

”Sometimes I’m weak, scared and vulnerable, nevertheless, more often I’m strong, confident and alive. At peace.”

August is for chasing dreams. Catching stars. Peaceful, dark summer nights. August is for late evening swims, enjoying the calmness of the sea. The calmness of the heart. August is for creativity, an imagination deeper than ever. The dark, dark sky filled with stars. Filled with hope. August is for believing in the power of nature. The power of humanity. Humid days and foggy nights. August is for beautiful souls searching for inner peace. Inner light. Loving kindness, curiosity and bravery.

The last month of summer, and it’s still June in my heart. But one thing I know, you will be filled with love, dear August.

Be brave, darling dear. Be brave. Everything you wish for, believe, and it will come to you. Flowers will grow. Don’t you know you were created to create? Create magic, create yourself. If it’s meant to be it will flow to you, effortlessly and gently. Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the magic of being. Breathe in the now, exhale the past. Stay wild, darling moon child, stay wild. Remember, life will always have your back.

flowers will grow

This August is all about success, bravery and dusty, dreamy mornings. Things working out exactly as supposed to. It’s about inner freedom, inner light. Not getting lost in thoughts, but objectively watching them pass by.

”Come to know the one who watches the voice, and you will come to know one of the great mysteries of creation.”

– Michael A Singer

Everything is temporarily; the dark night, the softness of a new dawn. Flow with the current. Flow with the speed of light. Darling, be the light. Be the love this beautiful world so desperately needs. Find comfort within. Turn inwards, speak to your soul – let it out, let it dance.

you’ll always be the one i seek

August darling, I discovered something lately. Something serene, spacious. Still. To carry with me. Wherever I go. Fall. I rise up. It’s my full moon, deep ocean. My clear blue sky. The air I’m exhaling. Inhaling. And I carry it. In my heart.

I welcome you. Let’s get lost in this dark, deep, devoted night, brimmed with seduction, soul and sparkling light. Dance with me under the moonlit sky. The nightfall won’t last forever, however, expect miracles when nature’s filled with work of art, true beauty in every heart. And lastly, kiss me gently on my cheek, and know, you’ll always be the one I seek.


How to give yourself a mental makeover

”Be pure, bright, white, light”

You can take your life in a new direction at any time.

Every now and then it’s good to change things up, to keep things (thoughts) fresh, in order to stay motivated and inspired. It’s easy to become under-stimulated if you keep on doing the same things over and over again. In a sense it’s like driving on autopilot, where you just keep on moving forward, and still, you haven’t got the slightest idea what you’re doing, cause you’re not the one in control.

Then it’s about time.

Time to open up for fresh, new perspectives to enter. 

If you’re looking for a mini life-makeover, then, first things first, you need to start from within. In other words, start with your mental state, since most often it’s the root to all problems. If you don’t change what’s going on inside your mind – with your thoughts, and the way you think about certain things – then it’s going to be very hard to find a new sense of happiness, contentment and inspiration.

”You should always try to seek that fluidity, that flowing movement, in order not to become stagnant.”

As humans we’re constantly evolving, constantly growing and learning. To work on yourself, and who you’re becoming, is an ongoing process. You should always try to seek that fluidity, that flowing movement, in order not to become stagnant. Sometimes we only require a mini makeover, while there might be occasions when we need to start completely over. Whatever it might be, it’s important that you make clear why you want, or need, this life change. It can be anything from changing your diet and health & fitness routine, moving country, finding a new job to taking that giant, bold leap to start a new project. However, always figure out the why first; the reasons behind why you’re doing this makeover. Search for that internal motivation, your inner spark. You might think that  ”Oh no, I don’t have an inner spark. I lost it years ago, and I haven’t seen it since.”

But guess what, you do have it! We all have it – some of us just have to dig a little deeper in order to find it.

With that said, while you figure your life out, and all that, I’ve written a list of 5 life perspectives to live by that hopefully can assist you on your journey.

Five life perspectives to live by;

Look for it on the inside

Don’t look for it in another person, in your job or your expensive toys. Happiness is found within. You might say it’s such a cliché, but it’s simple facts. While all these things are wonderful, they aren’t the root to our happiness.

And for once, can we please stop comparing ourselves to one another? We are unique individuals, (however, we are all one and the same) with different traits, personalities, life experiences and up-bringings. Instead we should be inspired and motivated by one another, and not solely compare our lives with the lives of others. Look for all the wonderful things that you have, and no, you don’t have to look far. Look within. Showing gratitude is the simplest step towards a happier life. If you want more happiness in your life; be happy. If you want more love; show love, show kindness. If you want more success; act as if, work hard and take action.

Know that you’re an amazing human, and the world wouldn’t be the same place without you. Your contribution is unique ❤

Be free (and wild) as a child

In The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz writes; ”The resurrection is to be like a child – to be wild and free, but with a difference. The difference is that we have freedom with wisdom instead of innocence.”  The goal is to become free, and to be ourselves again. Not to feel the pressure to act and be a certain way just because society (or our family) tells us to. Don’t hide your true self, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. To be wild and free is not the same as being immature and not taking responsibility for your actions; to be wild and free is to have the courage to be yourself, to be brave and courageous to speak up and to be responsible for the decisions you make. To be wild and free is to follow your dreams, and to be bold enough to believe that anything is possible if one has enough nerve.

Take control over your emotions

Emotions can be tricky, and at times it can be burdensome to not let them take over your entire being. You should never suppress your emotions, however, you shouldn’t let the emotions gain power over you. Emotions are something you’re experiencing, not something you are. Try to be the witness, the observer behind the emotion, and look at it with acceptance. This can help you detach from the emotion, and see it for what it is – feelings passing through your body. Journal, paint, go for a walk in nature, dance to your favorite song, sit in silence. Do whatever you feel the need to do.

You see, you’re the one deciding if you want to live in peace or with hatred, with excitement or fear, happiness or sadness. The power is all yours. Get rid of the victim mindset – know that you’re responsible of your own happiness, and therefore you can’t expect another person to bombard you with love and happiness 24/7. You have to cultivate it yourself. Other people can, by all means, bring you love and happiness, but what I’m trying to say is that you can’t rely on other people to make you happy. You make you happy.

Stay open-minded

Be open to new experiences. Sometimes life doesn’t happen the way you expected, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t working out for you. Stay open-minded to new beginnings, to new adventures, to meeting new people and learning about different cultures. The more we know about one another, the more we learn to respect one another. In the end, despite our differences, we are all human beings experiencing this thing called life. We are all trying to do our best (or at least we should..) I think it’s really important to listen to various people, their stories and different outlooks on life, and to learn to respect one another, even though we have opposing views. There’s much to learn from each another – listen not only to respond, but to understand.

Stay true to yourself

Stay true to your feelings, your dreams and your unique voice. Don’t be afraid that people will judge you; there will always be those who will. However, decide not to care. Be yourself, no matter what. Do your thing; the things that make you sparkle, the things that lit you up. If you are bold enough to be you, people too will be bold enough to be themselves. If you feel like you’re playing the supporting role in the movie of your life, if you’re neglecting your own happiness for the sake of other people, then it’s about time that you start playing the leading role. It’s your life, it’s your creation.

You decide who you’re going to be. It’s all up to you.


A thing to get rid of

”Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Have you ever compared yourself to a person that you don’t even know? If so, why? I’ve done it myself many times, without even questioning why I actually would waste my time doing such a dumb thing.

It’s actually rather funny when you think about it. Let’s take an example. You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and all of a sudden you stumble upon a beautiful picture. Immediately you assume that the person, who you don’t even know, has a wonderful life and that they most probably have everything in life figured out. You look at the pictures and all you see is a person that is more successful than you; more abundant, more popular, more at peace. More perfect. More everything that you’re not. All this you have figured out after scrolling through someone’s feed for 30 seconds. Great job!

However, 30 more seconds pass by, and hopefully your brain has gone back to a healthier state-of-being. We have no idea how other people are doing or feeling, and especially if we don’t even know them. And although we’re friends with someone it still might be the case that we have no idea how they are actually doing. You can’t compare yourself to an illusion in your mind. It’s ridiculous; it’s the thief of joy. And this is also a reason why you should always treat everyone with compassion as well as respect – you have no idea what people are struggling with, what pain or fear they have to deal with, day in and day out. Therefore, be kind. Always be kind.

All this time we’re wasting on social media, comparing our ”boring” lives to other people’s perfect moments, is precious time we should be focusing on ourselves. It’s nothing wrong with social media, Instagram and all these other wonderful apps, it’s how we choose to use them that should be our biggest concern. I love scrolling through Instagram, looking for inspiration and motivation. However, as soon as I notice myself becoming uneasy, and a little depressed after looking at certain pictures I stop. I choose to follow accounts that inspire me, motivate me and that challenge my way of thinking. I want to feel good after spending time on there, I don’t want it to make me feel bad about myself. You have the power to choose who you want to follow. Maybe you’ve noticed that you follow a bunch of accounts that make you feel negative, then please; unfollow. Find new, more inspiring accounts. Accounts that lift you up.

Or why not take a break from all things social media. It’s extremely healthy to go offline from time to time, especially if you’re one of those that spends most of your waking hours in front of a screen of some sort. Go out in nature, and forget your phone at home. Concentrate on yourself. Try to always do your best from the place you’re in. And remember, your best will fluctuate; it will vary from one day to another. Journal. Sit by the ocean and watch the waves come and go. Just like life itself. Start to enjoy the simplest of things. There are tremendous, little moments just passing us by every single day, and we choose to keep our eyes connected to a screen? Connect to nature. Connect to yourself. Go outside and stand in the rain.

I mentioned earlier that I choose to follow inspiring accounts, since I wish to be motivated and challenged. However, I’ve noticed that during moments when I lack inspiration and creativity the best thing I can do is to log off, and go within. To simply just sit with myself. No distraction. Usually at first my mind is occupied by thoughts not guiding me anywhere. Nevertheless, after a while in stillness, the mind shuts up; and other, more creative thoughts are able to enter. Some days I enter a peaceful state-of-mind almost immediately, other days I’m not even able to get rid of distracting thoughts however long I would sit. Whatever the case, I try not to judge the thoughts too much, just allow them to silently pass through me.

With this being said, if you’ve noticed that you’ve been feeling a little down lately, unmotivated or bored; try to stay off your phone for a day, three days, a week.. Whatever suitable for you. Hopefully it might assist you, and help you come back to yourself again.

– judgment
– negative thoughts
– worrying about the future
– dwelling in the past
– sugar
– hatred

– water
– nature
– music
– clean thoughts
– being fully present
– laughter
– movement
– animals
– friends
– creativity
– love



”In silence you will find yourself.”

mornings are for coffee and contemplation. truth be told the past four months have been mostly about becoming one with the stillness, one with the unknown. never have i spent this much time in my own company. i would lie if i said it hasn’t been tough at times – cause it has.

however, it has been one of the greatest opportunities i’ve experienced thus far, simply cause it has forced me to go within. forced me to not run away from myself, from all the emotions – fear, pain and anxiety – that come with uncertainty.

it’s a beautiful thing to be able to carry oneself through deep healing. still, an important aspect to bear in mind; we’re never alone, although we might be and feel lonely. there’s always an opportunity to reach out to a friend, family member, mentor or why not even a stranger if you feel the need to share your thoughts with someone. journal. create. or simply choose to just be, to sit with it. to sit within the stillness. to watch the ocean.

try not to distract yourself – cause it’s way too easily done. don’t turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, shopping, porn, social media, other people’s approval.. nowadays distractions such as these are everywhere to be found, and they’re used without we even questioning why we are turning towards them. even putting other people’s needs above your own can turn into an addiction. caring too much about others, and too little about yourself.

in fact, the moment you realise that you’re not the one in control anymore, and that there’s something controlling you, then that thing might easily turn into something you will have problems saying no to. 

if you know you might suffer from an addiction of some sort, begin to ask yourself why. why am i choosing this? how does it make me feel? do i want this in my life? do i have power over it? or does it have power over me? and lastly; how can i regain my power?

you see, you don’t have to numb the pain inside – you can simply choose to sit with the pain. observe it. accept it. and watch how it, little by little, dissolves. it won’t kill you. it might feel unbearable, challenging and completely dreadful. but it won’t kill you. however, an addiction might destroy you, it might even kill you.

and yes maybe you’ll find that you have many weaknesses, things that you’re not proud of. maybe you’ve hurt people, maybe you’ve let people hurt you. whatever the case, what does it mean? it means nothing. it doesn’t make you a bad person. it doesn’t make you a failure of a person. it just makes you human. accept it, move on. change. grow. exceed your limits. better yourself. if you’re not proud of the person you’ve become then stop complaining, and do something about it. forgive, forget, make your bed, choose differently, choose wisely, walk your own path, show compassion. just don’t be afraid of who you can be.

i wish you a great day, filled with uncertainty. cause from ambiguity anything can arise.


Dear July…

… it’s you, since no one else makes sense.

”There’s beauty in simplicity.”

July, I can’t believe you’re almost here. I don’t even know if I’ll have time to say goodbye to June. She is warm, she is lovely, filled with laughter. Please, be like June. Please, be forever. Please bring us humid days, foggy nights. Soul searching and loving kindness.

It has always been you, dear July. Always been you.

5 am. Finding stillness. Seeking magic. Being free as the ocean, beautiful as the wildest flower. Inhaling confidence, exhaling doubt. Breathing in the warm days, short nights. Wide awake, we are, while watching the sunset gracefully transforming into sunrise. I’ll be all there, wherever you’ll take me.

July is for meeting childhood friends who will always be friends although you meet far too seldom. It’s for being vulnerable, being soft. Finding that inner, burning fire. Moonlight, thunderstorm and heavy rain. Poetry filled with soul and passion, the wildest of dreams coming true. July is for festivity and reading books. July is for being me.

”Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.”

– Ugo Eze

It’s time to feed our souls with burning fire. Burning passion. Breathing in nature and embracing every day with curiosity, bravery and kindness. It’s about doing one’s best. Accepting oneself. Loving oneself. Being aware, and learning from mistakes. It’s about knowing one’s worth, and having the ability to inspire other human beings. Improving the quality of life. Challenging the body. Loving the body. Loving life.

It’s about a life that’s flourishing and exciting. Beautiful and unexpected. It’s about life.

Awaken your creativity, dear human. Awaken your soul. Find the bright light within. Know that life is amazing, exactly as it is. You’re amazing. Every breath a sign that you are. We are. Cherish every heartbeat, every sunrise. Every tear. It all happens right before your very eyes; hearts illuming, red roses blooming. Breathtakingly beautiful this precious moment alive.

Dear July, I welcome you. Teach us, how to become one with what is, within and without. Still and alert. Precisely as nature at 5 am. Promise dear, you’ll keep us safe. Darling promise, this time your burning sunlight will last forever. Darling remember, wake me up before you disappear.


The flow of life

”Destruction breeds creation.”

Life is a series of natural, and spontaneous changes. In order for us humans to obtain peace and happiness it’s vital that we become comfortable with everything that’s unfolding; circumstances taking place, feelings and emotions running through our bodies, as well as people dancing in and out of our lives. Change is the nature of life. It’s the nature of your being.

I believe the only rational thing for us to do is to embrace every aspect of life – the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the love and the fear – whatever life may present us with, shouldn’t we just dive right in, and at least try our best in line with the moment we’re in. But what if there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so, as William Shakespeare so neatly put it.

According to the Vedas (the primary texts of Hinduism) there is no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong. There are only creation -> maintenance -> destruction. Then back to creation. Flowing like a beautiful cycle. I listened to a Mindvalley podcast episode with Emily Fletcher where she talked about destruction as coming through to clean house. To not see destruction as something inherently bad, or something to avoid, but as something that is cleaning house, getting rid of the old, so that the new can enter (creation). Fletcher goes on explaining how the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our questions. What can I innovate? What creation is coming through? How can I become more kind, more compassionate, not only to myself, but to others as well as the environment?

Asking more powerful questions is the beginning of a creative practise to envision a new world. As species we’re evolving, moving forward, and there’s no turning back. Now is the time to wake up as creators, and as innovators. And in what way will you choose to do that?

Michael A. Singer writes:

”You’re sitting on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Go ahead, take a look at reality. You’re are floating in empty space in a universe that goes on forever. If you have to be here, at least be happy and enjoy the experience. You’re going to die anyway. Things are going to happen anyway. Why shouldn’t you be happy? You gain nothing by being bothered by life’s events. It doesn’t change the world; you just suffer. There’s always going to be something that can bother you, if you let it.” (Michael A. Singer, the untethered soul)

Learning to let go of past experiences, situations, limiting beliefs and toxic emotions is a process, and sometimes it takes a great deal of patience to get rid of stuff that you know, deep down inside, doesn’t serve you. However, there are a couple of mindsets that can make the process flow more effortlessly. Let me present a few of my favorites.

I’m a sucker for romance

Allow things to unfold

”I embrace life.”

I like to think that everything in life happens for a reason; whether the reason is for you to learn more about yourself, find your true nature, and therefore evolve as a human being. You have to learn to accept and embrace all aspects of life. I believe this becomes easier the moment you stop defining yourself in relationship to the events that happen, to the struggles, to the mental chatter going on in your mind. You’re not your thoughts, you’re simply being aware of your thoughts. You’re not your emotions; you experience and feel your emotions. You’re not the events happening in your life; you experience these events – and how you choose to do that is up to you.

Relax & release

”I let go of the situation that no longer serves me.”

The more you learn to let go of the past, and the less you worry about the future, the more mindful and relaxed you become. Try not to over-think or obsess about the things out of your control. Instead change your mindset, learn to take in the moment, and always strive to do your best with what you’ve got. Aim for paradise, while flowing with the creation of the now.

I try to allow myself to not always be on top of things. You don’t have to resist feelings of pain, sadness, shame and failure – feelings of not being good enough. It’s totally human to feel downright sad and pessimistic from time to time. However, whatever you do, don’t inhabit this kind of negativity; be the observer, and make a conscious decision to release that which no longer serves you. Don’t let these emotions control you – you’re the one in power over your feelings. 

The decision lies within

I am fearless. I follow my heart.”

It’s up to you to decide if you want to be happy or not. Your happiness is not found within someone else’s hands, or some anticipated situation in the near future. Make the choice to be happy now, and you’ll notice that your path through life will become more fulfilling. How beautiful isn’t it that you have the power and ability to create the life you desire; the power lies within you. Don’t settle for average, when you have the opportunity to experience the extraordinary.

Take action, each and every day, towards your dreams. It’s your decision. Fall in love with the process of creating your life.

Gratitude is the attitude

”Love, abundance and happiness flow to me.”

A grateful mind is a loving mind. Always choose the grateful mind; a mind that can take you places beyond your wildest dreams. It’s easy to forget about all the beautiful things in our lives when we’re caught up in the midst of it all. Take time, every day, and stop for a while. Just stop, and breathe it all in – today won’t come again. Show appreciation to your comfy bed, the roof over your head, your job, the sun caressing your cheeks (or the rain pouring down) your family, and loved ones. There are always something to be grateful for. Life can be hard, but focusing on the bad stuff won’t make them go away. And if you choose to focus on them, focus on finding solutions to your problems. Simply nagging about things won’t bring any happiness to the situation.

With this being said, know that you possess a great deal of power over your life. For sure there are situations, and life changes that you simply don’t have control over. However, how you choose to react to these changes are completely up to you.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream