Senaste inläggen

By your side, dear intuition

”I may not be brave, but my eyes speak the truth.”

random thoughts of the day.

i’m a free spirit. within me is a strong need for freedom. a strong need for serenity and calm sea. i want to feel alive. i want to feel that i am the one in control of my life, the one in control of my decisions. i want to be me, and i want you to be you.

i do not easily fall in love, however, if i meet a person with whom i connect i usually feel it at once. this happens whether it’s a friendship, a colleague, or someone i would fall into a love relationship with. it hits me at once. the feeling is there, and i can’t hide from it. when i fall for another human being i feel it throughout my entire body. my emotions speak vividly. they speak through my heart. through the butterflies going freakin wild in my belly.

nevertheless, a pure physical connection has never been enough for me, i need to connect with another human being on a much deeper soul level. this i believe has to do with my strong intuition. as i always have allowed my intuition to guide me through life i usually listen to it. i know it speaks the truth. i give it space to breathe air into my awareness. i give it space to live inside me, and i trust it with all of my heart. with all of my being.

sometimes it takes one look. one gaze into another person’s eyes, and i know. i know if this is a person that is going to be good for me. a person that will help me grow and evolve, a person that lets me be me, and lastly; if it’s a person that makes me feel at peace. at home. at home in this restless soul of mine.

i strongly believe that we don’t meet anyone by accident. behind every encounter there is a bigger meaning. we might not be aware of it at once, but with time it will flow to us, the meaning will always shine it’s light upon us. when we are ready to grasp its purpose in our lives it will come to us, we just have to trust that it will, we have to give it space to expand into our awareness. we can’t however force these things to happen, as they will occur in perfect timing.

one indication for me to know that the person i met will have a huge impact in my life is that my imagination gets more vivid, my intuition speaks more loudly, and last but not least; i see signs everywhere. everywhere. signs reminding me of that person is more or less thrown in my face. it’s like the universe is talking to me non-stop, eager to get my attention. although i don’t want to listen it speaks, it shouts and it screams, until i finally surrender and realize that it won’t shut up until i do something about it.

i know that the universe knows what’s best for me. the universe and my intuition have a strong connection – they communicate daily, one-on-one they chit chat like best buddies. sometimes they even talk directly to me. and i know, that at times they laugh at how silly i am, that i don’t see what’s right there in front of me. that i don’t see the magic flooding underneath, the beauty and strength that’s waiting to release.

our intuition is a powerful force, and we should learn how to listen to and trust it even more. it always has our back, it wants what’s best for us, it always does.

believe in yourself. believe that all you need is waiting underneath. waiting for you to come out from beneath, darling you’re already more than complete.



Be patient with yourself

”No one is an overnight success story. Put in the work.”


Sometimes what we want doesn’t happen when or how we want it to. But that doesn’t mean the answer is ”no” it just mean ”not right now”, or ”I have a better plan for you, sincerely the Universe”.

I believe the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people is not the way they vary in their competencies, but the way they vary in their ambition, and desires to reach their potential. Persistence is key, since good things usually take time.

In the beginning of summer I felt rather unmotivated, in other words I felt a deep lack of inspiration. However, I didn’t let it get to me. I decided to focus on simply being present in the now (and not to worry about my lack of motivation), spending time with friends and family, working, and just enjoying warm summer days (and magical evenings).

This past week, however, has been completely different. My entire being is bursting with inspiration. I can’t sleep at night cause my brain is working 24/7, or so it seems… This complete shift happening within me might be due to the fact that I decided to start working on a new poetry collection. And I’m in love with it. I’ve been having so much fun writing it. And isn’t that the most important thing; to have fun while you’re living life. Doing things you always dreamt of doing.


Below you’ll find a few important mindsets to carry with you during times when giving up is the only thing on your to-do-list;

Practise gratitude.

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in other peoples’ success stories. However, spending time dwelling on the things you haven’t achieved yet, or comparing yourself with others won’t take you anywhere. Focus on you. Be thankful of the things you have accomplished so far. Write down all of your achievements – big and small, and start being grateful for the wonderful and amazing human being you are. You are you – and that’s freaking awesome. Always strive to do your best, no matter what.

Take time out.

Some days the best thing you can do is to take a deep breath and chill. Don’t take life, and yourself too seriously; remember – have fun once in a while. It’s good to be ambitious and to have high expectations on yourself, but working too hard and solely focusing on the end result can also become stressful and unhealthy. In order to keep up the motivation you have to squeeze in some quality time with yourself, your friends and your loved ones. Putting time aside for the things you enjoy doing will help take your mind off challenging tasks for a while; you’ll feel more energised and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you if you’re less stressed and more alert.

Focus on your purpose.

Why are you doing the things you’re doing? What is the purpose behind your dreams and goals? It’s a great idea to reconnect to your why when feeling frustrated and inpatient. Remember – it’s never too late to readjust your goals.

Reestablish your why and the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing. Connect with your purpose – write down why you like to do the things you’re doing, what would you like to accomplish and why would you like to accomplish it? If you end up realising that you hate what you’re doing than look at it as a tremendous opportunity to tap into yourself, to find your why again.


Embrace your being

”Be aware;make a move, take a stand, take a chance. Embrace and work with what is.”


Every moment, peacefully passing by. What happens now, in this moment, guides us into the next. Pay attention to your surroundings, as well as your inner state, as it nourishes greater awareness, clarity and acceptance of what is. Don’t miss out on life, don’t miss what is of greatest value. Growth and transformation happen the moment you realize the richness and the depth of your potentialities. As every moment peacefully evolves, so are you. 

How to become more mindful? How to become more acceptant of what is? Acceptant of one’s Self? There are several methods helping us to cultivate a more intimate relationship with the present moment, ways for us to achieve serenity, and peace of mind.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite ways of tapping into the present, into my being.

Tranquility speaks

”Listen to the whispers of your soul.”

4.30 am. I forgot how peaceful it is to wake up at dawn. Complete darkness surrounding me, however, the light within keeping me safe. The early hours present us with a tremendous opportunity for self-reflection. Looking within, and realising that everything is exactly as it should be. Morning yoga to wake up the body, meditation to wake up the mind. Within the stillness lies the answer. The answers to all of our questions. It’s our task to listen. To be still, yet alert. Trust.

Become one with nature

”Watch her let go, watch her become.”

Let nature be your biggest teacher. How she unfolds; growing, letting go and becoming. Effortlessly, and calmly providing us with all her treasures. So delicate, yet powerful, the way she’s giving all of her. Supporting us with her beauty, her kindness. Celebrate her. Treat her with respect. Respect yourself, respect life. We are all one.


Choose your happy

”Do you, and flow with it.” 

The more I listen within, the less I compare myself with others. And the less I observe what others are doing, the happier I become. However, it’s extremely easy to get caught up in comparison mode. To start judging oneself for not being enough, not doing enough. It’s not about the doing, it’s about the being. It’s about surrendering to the moment and making the best out of it. The only way for us to get out of this negative mindset of comparison is to start accepting ourselves the way we are. Knowing that we are exactly who we need to be right now. Letting go of outside pressure, and the need to compete with others; we are only competing with ourselves. Your only comparison should be who you were yesterday. In this moment you have the power to choose. Choose happiness. Choose love. Choose yourself, and flow with it.



”It’s not the situation that makes us unhappy; it’s our thoughts about the situation that makes us unhappy.”

The more aware we are of our thoughts and how they affect us, the more we realize just how powerful they are. Thoughts can completely turn a day around. They can turn a life around. Redirecting your thoughts, choosing more positive ones, when facing a negative situation can help you see the situation in new daylight. The understanding that no one can change your thoughts but you, should be enough for you to jump over to the drivers seat. You control your thoughts – don’t let them control you. However, you should never neglect your feelings, your emotions. Don’t ever surpress the negativity, don’t let it built a nest within you – let it out, let it pass through you. Know that you are simply experiencing these emotions. They shall pass, as they too are temporarily.


”Out of stillness grows mastery. There’s no place like within.”



Dear August…

… hug me, I want to feel your heartbeat.

”Sometimes I’m weak, scared and vulnerable, nevertheless, more often I’m strong, confident and alive. At peace.”

August is for chasing dreams. Catching stars. Peaceful, dark summer nights. August is for late evening swims, enjoying the calmness of the sea. The calmness of the heart. August is for creativity, an imagination deeper than ever. The dark, dark sky filled with stars. Filled with hope. August is for believing in the power of nature. The power of humanity. Humid days and foggy nights. August is for beautiful souls searching for inner peace. Inner light. Loving kindness, curiosity and bravery.

The last month of summer, and it’s still June in my heart. But one thing I know, you will be filled with love, dear August.

Be brave, darling dear. Be brave. Everything you wish for, believe, and it will come to you. Flowers will grow. Don’t you know you were created to create? Create magic, create yourself. If it’s meant to be it will flow to you, effortlessly and gently. Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the magic of being. Breathe in the now, exhale the past. Stay wild, darling moonchild, stay wild. Remember, life will always have your back.

This August is all about success, bravery and dusty, dreamy mornings. Things working out exactly as supposed to. It’s about inner freedom, inner light. Not getting lost in thoughts, but objectively watching them pass by.

”Come to know the one who watches the voice, and you will come to know one of the great mysteries of creation.”

– Michael A Singer

Everything is temporarily; the dark night, the softness of a new dawn. Flow with the current. Flow with the speed of light. Darling, be the light. Be the love this beautiful world so desperately needs. Find comfort within. Turn inwards, speak to your soul – let it out, let it dance.

August darling, I welcome you. Let’s get lost in this dark, deep, devoted night, brimmed with seduction, soul and sparkling light. Dance with me under the moonlit sky. The nightfall won’t last forever, however, expect miracles when nature’s filled with work of art, true beauty in every heart. And lastly, kiss me gently on my cheek, and know, you’ll always be the one I seek.


End of the year intentions

”Everything you need, seek and long for is already within.”

I feel it’s a beginning of a new cycle of life. Not only because August is knocking on our doors, but I can feel fresh faced optimism floating in the air. Do you sense it as well?

I’m a firm believer in writing my intentions, goals and dreams down, preferably on a piece of paper. I guess I am more of a dreamer/planner than a doer. However, my intentions for 2019 was all about taking action and believing in myself and my abilities. Now, looking back on these past 7 months, I sense a stronger confidence has slowly started to grow within me, as well as a strong feeling of being connected to something greater than my physical being.

When it comes to intentions, you can choose to write daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly intentions. I prefer to write my intentions in the beginning of every month, as well as set one daily intention that helps guiding me throughout the day. Setting intentions not only makes it easier to stay focused, but it helps to keep the motivation up as well as staying more grounded and closer to one’s core self.

Below you’ll find some of the intentions I wrote in January, while planning for the year ahead. These are the main ones I kept focusing on while the months went by. However, the past week I felt a bit ”lost”, tired and slightly unmotivated (probably due to the fact that we’ve had a couple of intense weeks at work), therefore I thought what better way then to read through my earlier written intentions in order to find my focus again. And actually, this has helped me a lot, to regain my motivation and find that inner spark again. You see, everything you need, seek and long for is already within.

2019 end of the year intentions


  • Cultivating an abundance mindset – there’s an abundance flowing within and without; everything I need, seek and long for is already within me. This is a mindset I encourage myself to adopt in every area of my life whether it’s love, career, health, money or opportunities.
  • Spreading kindness & compassion – I will strive my best to show loving kindness to all living beings; animals, humans and the planet. I’m inspired by random acts of kindness and compassionate people with big hearts filled with wisdom. There’s something special about humans who are caring and warmhearted to everyone; it seems like they are carrying a sense of calmness within despite with whoever they interact.
  • Planting confidence – being confident without being cocky is very attractive. Cultivating a belief in myself is on top of my to-do-list this year. We’re capable of achieving way more than we give ourselves permission to pursue. Persistence is key here, and a willingness to work hard for what you want in life.
  • Breathing mindfulness – bringing mindfulness into everything I do – whether it’s writing, studying, working, being in nature, meditating, speaking with friends and family – I can always choose to be a bit more ”there” and a little less somewhere else.
  • Embracing my sensitivity – as a highly sensitive person I’m very sensitive to the people around me and their energies. I also feel a whole range of emotions, and it’s nothing wrong with that – as a matter of fact it’s completely normal and healthy to be able to tap into one’s feelings. Nonetheless, I’ve also become to realize the importance of not holding on to emotions for too long; I simply let them pass through me, and then peacefully let them go when they have done their job. Feelings like fear, worry and doubt don’t serve us in any way, and it’s about time we let go of them once and for all. While embracing my emotions I’ve become more self-aware, and more in tune with my inner state of being.
  • Nurturing my intuition – I’ve always had a strong intuition, and I would like to cultivate it even more. I’ve noticed that the more I meditate, taking time to really listen to my body and the stillness within, the more I feel connected to my inner voice; my inner guidance system so to speak. It gives a sense of power when you notice you can trust your intuition. I think all people have an inner voice waiting for them to listen carefully, however not everyone is ready to listen to what it has to say. I challenge you to pay attention to your intuition. Trust that you have all the answers within; you possess more power than you think, darling.
  • Tapping into my spiritual side – I’m an open-minded person and I love to explore different parts of myself. After cultivating my spiritual side a bit more I’ve become to understand how calm and peaceful it makes me feel. I’ve become more content and hopeful. I truly believe we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. I also believe that there’s so much more to life than the things we can experience through our five senses. Understanding that we’re all in this together, however, experiencing life in our own unique way, makes me feel more at peace, and content within my own being.


Choose your thoughts wisely

”Dear sunrise, I breathe you in like air.”

Thoughts are a huge part of who we are. The human mind is a beautiful, yet complicated and sophisticated machine, and it’s estimated that an average person has between 40.000 to 60.000 thoughts per day (National Science Foundation). What is more, 80 % of these thoughts are negative, and 95 % are repetitive. 

Nevertheless, one important aspect to bear in mind is; you’re not your thoughts, you’re simply having thoughts. Most of the thoughts that are running through the mind we aren’t even totally conscious of. These so called subliminal messages go un-noticed since they aren’t perceived by the conscious mind. However, whether we notice these thoughts or not they will affect us to some extent.

Pay attention to your thoughts

According to the facts above it might seem that all we do is complain, whine or have thoughts that diminish our own or other people’s self worth, and mostly without even being aware of it. According to Eckhart Tolle one of the ego’s favourite strategies to strengthen itself is through complaining.

”Every complaint is a little story the mind makes up that you completely believe in. Whether you complain aloud or only in thought makes no difference. Some egos that perhaps don’t have much else to identify with easily survive on complaining alone. When you are in the grip of such an ego, complaining, especially about other people, is habitual and, of course, unconscious, which means you don’t know what you are doing.”  (A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle)

The first step in order to change negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs is to become aware of them. Start listening to the voice inside your head. What does it tell you? Once you learn to recognise and identify these thought patterns you can start to have a choice about how to react, and with time consciously make a choice to let them go.

If something bad happened to you in the past it’s very easy to keep the negative emotion connected to that particular event alive by compulsive thinking. You start to see yourself as the victim. However, dwelling on the past won’t do you any good; it will only contaminate your present and affect your current state of being in a negative way. Most importantly, it will take you further away from appreciating the beauty and aliveness of the present moment.

One again Eckhart Tolle explains it perfectly:

”It requires honesty to see whether you still harbor grievances, whether there is someone in your life you have not completely forgiven. If you do, become aware of the grievance both on the level of thought as well as emotion, that is to say, be aware of the thoughts that keep it alive, and feel the emotion that is the body’s response to those thoughts…. The past has no power to stop you from being present now. Only your grievance about the past can do that. And what is a grievance? The baggage of old thought and emotion.” (A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle)

Change your thought patterns

Becoming a curious observer of what goes on inside your mind will eventually help you become free of toxic thinking. Don’t believe all of your thoughts, and don’t take them all that seriously – most of the time it’s the never satisfied ego that’s talking. Once negative thoughts enter your mind the ego dives right in, and loves to dwell upon them. Instead, make a conscious decision to bring more gratitude and positivity into your life, and notice how you, with time, eventually will heal from the negativity.

Changing negative thought patterns, however, is not about pushing away your true feelings, but rather choosing more realistic and helpful thoughts over harmful ones. This might be easier said than done, and like every other skill (or muscle) it requires practise, practise and more practise. Be patient with yourself and don’t punish yourself for having bad thoughts. Simply recognise them for what they are – simply thoughts.

The more mindful you are in the present moment the less energy will be spent dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Instead, spend the time being more mindful. What do you see? What do you taste? Smell? Hear? Be thankful for the beauty that surrounds you.

Darling human, your thoughts are powerful, therefore, choose them wisely. The power to control your thoughts, and thereby shape your reality, lies within you. Create your life. Create you.



Flow with the current

”Don’t fight life – live it.”

Life is continuously changing; it’s a series of natural and spontaneous changes. If you’re looking for permanent peace and happiness learn to be comfortable with everything that’s unfolding; circumstances taking place, feelings and emotions running through your body, people dancing in and out of your life. It’s the nature of life. It’s the nature of your being.

The more I think about it; enjoying every aspect of life, and all that it’s presenting us with, is the only rational thing to do. Or as Michael A. Singer puts it:

”You’re sitting on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Go ahead, take a look at reality. You’re are floating in empty space in a universe that goes on forever. If you have to be here, at least be happy and enjoy the experience. You’re going to die anyway. Things are going to happen anyway. Why shouldn’t you be happy? You gain nothing by being bothered by life’s events. It doesn’t change the world; you just suffer. There’s always going to be something that can bother you, if you let it.” (Michael A. Singer, the untethered soul)

Learning to let go of past experiences, situations, limiting beliefs and toxic emotions is a process, and sometimes it takes a great deal of patience to get rid of stuff that you know, deep down inside, doesn’t serve you. However, there are a couple of mindsets that can make the process flow more effortlessly; making room for positivity and joy to flow into your life.

Allow things to unfold

”I embrace life.”

Everything in life happens for a reason; whether the reason is for you to learn more about yourself, find your true nature or grow as a human being. You have to learn to accept and embrace all aspects of life; the good and the bad. Stop defining yourself in relationship to the events that happen in the moment, to the struggles, to the mental chatter going on in your mind. You’re not your thoughts, you’re simply being aware of your thoughts. You’re not your emotions; you experience and feel your emotions. You’re not the events happening in your life; you experience these events, and how you choose to do that is up to you.

Relax & release

”I let go of the situation that no longer serves me.”

The more you learn to let go of the past, and the less you worry about the future, the more mindful and relaxed you become. Try not to over-think, over-analyze or obsess about things you can’t control. Take in the moment, always strive to do your best – the future is being created in the moment.

Allow yourself to not always be on top of things – flow with it. Don’t resist feelings of pain, sadness, shame, failure – feelings of not being good enough. However, don’t inhabit this kind of negativity; be the observer, relax and make a conscious decision to release that which no longer serves you. Don’t let these emotions control you – you have the power.


The decision lies within

I am fearless. I follow my heart.”

It’s up to you to decide if you want to be happy or not. Make that choice, and your path through life becomes clear. How beautiful isn’t it that you have the power and ability to create the life you desire; the power lies within you. Don’t settle for average when you can experience the extraordinary.

Take action, it’s your life. It’s your decision. Fall in love with the process of creating your life.


Gratitude is the attitude

”Love, abundance and happiness flow to me.”

A grateful mind is a loving mind. Always choose the grateful mind; a mind that will take you places beyond your wildest dreams. It’s easy to forget about all the beautiful things in our lives when we’re caught up in the midst of it all. Take time, every day, to stop for a while. Just stop.


… and look around. There’s beauty everywhere if you only took the time to look around and breathe it all in. Show appreciation. Show love and kindness,

and love and kindness will flow right back at you.


With ❤


Everything in its time

”Allow your life to unfold naturally.”

There’s a time for being ahead. A time for being at peace. There’s a time for being in motion. A time for being at rest. There’s a time for being vigorous. A time for being exhausted. To everything there’s a season. There’s a time for every purpose under the sun. 

The words above got stuck with me as I listened to them the other day.


No storm can last forever. Not even nature can create a storm that lasts forever. Hidden within every struggle is victory. Within every failure lies an opportunity. Hidden within yourself is everything you’ll ever need; power, love, compassion, joy, success and abundance. Every battle, and every difficulty molds you into a stronger human. As long as you know that you’re on the right path you’ll eventually end up where you want to go. There is and there was nothing like you, and there shall be nothing like you. Therefore, never seek to compare yourself with others. Nonetheless, let yourself be inspired by the people around you.

Realize that you don’t have any real control over how things will turn out. And isn’t that the beauty of life? To finally let go of the things beyond our control. Self-awareness is one of the most important elements when it comes to self-realization as it taps into the intuition and instinct. Trust the voice within; trust that you have all the answers you’re seeking. There are times when we’re so fully engaged in things happening in the outside world that we simply forget to connect with the vast world within. Rest assured; the more you listen to and trust your own unique voice things will start flowing more effortlessly, regardless of how chaotic life may seem.

”A journey of a thousand miles begins with one first step.”

– Lao Tzu

What better time then now to focus on how to enjoy life more fully, and bring what you desire to the world. What are you longing for? Now is the perfect time to start. Not tomorrow. Not next week or month. Now. A seed grows into a tree not in a wink of an eye, but with patience and humility over a period of time. A peaceful and calm mind is a powerful source of energy. Breathe new life into your being if that’s what you need. Listen to your body; what does it ask for? Rest? Action? Compassion? Excitement? Listen within.

Advice for today (or any day for that matter); spend time in nature. Be playful, dance with her. Trust her. Walk barefoot if possible. Touch the grass, feel the ground underneath. Talk to the stars, laugh at the moon. Let the soft raindrops wash your troubles away. Embrace mother nature as she protects every step you take.


Dear July…

…you were beautiful from day one.

”I’m going to make everything around me ravishing. That is the purpose.”

July, I can’t believe you’re here already. I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to June. She was warm, she was lovely, filled with laughter. Please, be like June. Please, be forever. Please bring us humid days, foggy nights. Soul searching and loving kindness.

It has always been you, dear July. Always been you. 

5 am. Finding stillness. Seeking magic. Being free as the ocean, beautiful as the wildest flower. Inhaling confidence, exhaling doubt. Breathing in the warm days, short nights. Wide awake, we are, while watching the sunset gracefully transforming into sunrise. I’ll be all there, wherever you’ll take me.

July is for meeting childhood friends who will always be friends although you meet far too seldom. It’s for being vulnerable, being soft. Finding that inner, burning fire. Moonlight, thunderstorm and heavy rain. Poetry filled with soul and passion, the wildest of dreams coming true. July is for festivity and reading books. July is for being me.

”Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.”

– Ugo Eze

It’s time to feed our souls with burning fire. Burning passion. Breathing in nature and embracing every day with curiosity, bravery and kindness. It’s about doing one’s best. Accepting oneself. Loving oneself. Being aware, and learning from mistakes. It’s about knowing one’s worth, and having the ability to inspire other human beings. Improving the quality of life. Challenging the body. Loving the body. Loving life. It’s about a life that’s flourishing and exciting. Beautiful and unexpected. It’s about life.

Awaken your creativity, dear human. Awaken your soul. Find the bright light within. Know that life is amazing, exactly as it is. You’re amazing. Every breath a sign that you are. We are. Cherish every heartbeat, every sunrise. Every divine second. It all happens right before your very eyes; hearts illuming, red roses blooming. Breathtakingly beautiful this precious moment alive.

Darling July, I welcome you. Teach us how to become one with what is, within and without. Still and alert. Precisely as nature at 5 am. Promise dear, you’ll keep us safe. Darling promise, this time your burning sunlight will last forever. Darling remember, wake me up before you disappear.


– serenity –

”Be still and observe – The Earth is dancing.”


Random thoughts seeking stillness, finding creativity.

I am ”I just want to sit in front of the ocean for a little while” kind of person. Whenever I need to find stillness I go to the ocean. The sense of calmness, as well as the sound of crashing waves always bring peace to my soul. I’ve always lived close to the sea; I grew up on the coast, in a small town in Finland, and I’ve always seen myself living close to the water, also in the future. Wherever I move there needs to be water.

Water is life. 

”A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.”

I’ve noticed that the quieter I become, the more I can hear. My mind is one of those who like to constantly chitchat about this and that, and usually about weird, irrelevant topics. To be able to still the mind, and listen to what lies underneath is, however, my main purpose while seeking stillness. When the mind is turbulent it’s difficult to hear or see anything; when it’s calm, everything becomes clear. I believe, that, within the stillness you find home.

The sun is alone too,

still she shines the brightest.”

I read somewhere that ”to spend time in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”, and isn’t that true. Nature is the best place to visit when one wants to get in the ”zone”, find inspiration or simply just be. I felt a lack of inspiration coming over me, but after some well needed time – listening to the sound of the waves, the feeling of the sun caressing my cheeks and the fresh air embracing my skin – my mind is clearer and filled with more space for creativity to enter. Thank you, dear Nature, there’s a lot we can learn from you.

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than observing nature. Finding stillness while for example hiking in the forest or in the mountains will do wonders for your entire being. Escaping the real world for a couple of hours or even days might boost your creativity and feed it with new flourishing insights.

Below you’ll find some other ways on how to get your creativity back;

  • Tap into your body through movement. Working out has many health benefits, not only does it affect your body, building up your cardiovascular health and slowing down your ageing, but your headspace will feel much clearer. When you’ve crushed out a great workout you’re ready to crush out even more things during the day – to accomplish the tasks you’ve at hand, getting more productive. Soon you’ll notice that your body and mind will start to work with you, rather than against you.
  •  Read. I advice you to read something totally different from what you’re used to. If you’re used to reading fiction, read some kind of study or scientific research. Or if you’re used to reading scientific studies, read a novel. Change things up.
  • Free write. If you’re one of those who suffers from writers block, and writing is your job, then I would advise you to just write. Write about everything, and nothing – put down all of your thoughts on a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be great – get rid of the pressure of having to constantly deliver something awesome all the time. However, many times when we get rid of stress, and stop being so hard on ourselves, things start to work with us, rather than against us.
  • Reconnect with your why. It’s very easy to get caught up in every day life that we tend to forget about why we’re doing certain things. Reestablish your why and the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing. Connect with your purpose – write down why you like to do the things you’re doing, what would you like to accomplish and why would you like to accomplish it? If you end up realising that you hate what you’re doing than look at it as a tremendous opportunity to tap into yourself, to find your why again.
  •  Change up your routines. Spice up your life by making small adjustments; wake up one hour earlier every morning, try out a new hobby, meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, read a book instead of watching a movie, try out new foods, take a different route to school or work. These tiny things might not end up having the greatest impact in your life, but changing up your habits can keep you from getting into a rut.
  • Clean. For me, personally, cleaning is rather therapeutic. When I feel unmotivated and uninspired it helps a lot to either rearrange things in the apartment or to get rid of junk I don’t need. When things are neat and tidy around me I feel refreshed, and ready to get on with my day.
  •  Write your future. Before doing this exercise I like you to get rid of self-doubt and thoughts such as ”I’m not good enough, I can’t achieve my goals.” Just for once, for 20 minutes, allow your self to dream freely. What are your deepest desires? How would you like your future to look like? While doing this exercise write as if it has already happened. Don’t use words such ”I want” or ”I wish”, rather use the word ”I am”. If you could have the life you’ve always dreamt of what would it look like? Be as detailed as possible. You might feel silly while doing this, thoughts might pop up in your head; ”Do you really believe that you could do that?” Why? Why are we doubting ourselves? Wouldn’t it be about time that we once and for all allowed ourselves to be exactly who we wished to be? And you know what, you might not end up achieving all of your amazing goals, but at least you dared to dream, dared to believe in yourself. And that, my friend, is bloody amazing.