Senaste inläggen

Dear December…

… you set my soul on fire (and yet, you haven’t even arrived)

”With the moon and with the stars, how can we say we don’t have enough?”


The silent hour of night, and my heart suddenly arise. Caressing my awaken sight, while awaiting you, with blissful eyes. Watching snowflakes quietly at rest, while the moon shining its light upon us. 50 shades of snow, wherever we choose to go. Darling December, the way you transform the darkness. Even at 4 am. When the world is still. The sky is black. The mind intense. Emotions wide awake, heart half asleep, in a blissful lullaby sleep.

I hope your dreams are sweet. 

December is for love and laughter. Peace and joy. The bright pink sky with heart-shaped clouds, peacefully passing by. It’s for warm-hearted gestures. Compassion and loving-kindness. Snowflakes dancing outside our window, making every moment irresistible. Gifts wrapped up in affection, kindness and hope. It’s December, you can wish for anything.

What will you wish for?

This December is all about giving more of yourself. Give your time. Your attention. Your love. Give all of you. It’s about awareness. Tenderness, tranquilness. Music filled with heartbeats and pure passion. It’s about our beautiful, fragile planet, and the precious time we get to spend amongst her. Be gentle, be kind, don’t ever leave her behind.

December dear, I welcome you. One of a kind, and so perfectly designed. I sense something wonderful is about to unwind.

With you, life is a little more magical.

With you, I’m always at home.

At peace.



How to manage stress?

”You cannot control the weather, but you can always choose to kiss in the rain.”


To not encounter some kind of stressor in your life is rather impossible. Stress is inevitable, and most certainly we will feel stressed out at some point in our fast paced life. However, what are the steps we can take to master stress, and not become its victim?

But firstly, what is stress?

Stress can be seen as a process. This view emphasizes the importance of how we appraise – that is, judge – demanding or threatening events (stressors); these appraisals, in turn, influence our reactions to such events. Therefore, stress is largely in the eye of the beholder; it’s not so much what happens to you as it is how you respond.

Stress can, however, be a positive, motivating force that can improve the quality of our lives; a moderate amount of stress can be beneficial in challenging situations.

Nonetheless, when a person experiences very strong emotions – especially those associated with a perceived threat – the body’s sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine system is activated (the fight-or-flight response). This is mainly due to maintenance of homeostasis; an internal environment in which physiological variables are stabilized at levels optimal for survival. However, most of us do not face dangerous threats each and every day, nevertheless the body’s fight-or-flight response can easily be triggered by difficult life-changing events such as a divorce, death of spouse, and even events such as public speaking, an important exam, or a job interview.

And secondly, why is stress so dangerous?

In short, stress weakens the immune system. Psychoneuroimmunology is the field that studies how psychological factors such as stress influence the immune system and immune functioning.

Stress, especially during early life, can be just as harmful to our health as smoking or fast-food. Moreover, stress – if it’s chronic- takes a toll on our bodies and can have enormously negative health implications. A prolonged, or repeated stress, has been implicated in development of a number of disorders such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, asthma, IBS and depression.

(Bonus facts; Why do stressed out people look so worn out? Stress, it seems, can shorten telomeres, which are segments of DNA that protects the ends of chromosomes. Shortened telomeres can inhibit or block cell division, which includes growth and proliferation of new cells, thereby leading to more rapid ageing.)

Effective coping strategies

There are different coping styles to take in order to manage your stress.

A problem-focused coping style is when we actively try to do things to address the problem. For example; let’s imagine that you lost your job. If you choose a problem-focused coping style you’ll start applying for jobs, learning new skills, branching out to people and enlarging your social network – everything that might make it easier for you to find yourself a new job. Nevertheless, if you choose a emotion-focused coping style you are treating the symptoms rather than the actual cause. If we take loosing your job as an example; you would rather seek out things that will make the situations feel more bearable than trying to find a solution to your problem.

Emotion-focused coping is more effective when dealing with uncontrollable stressors. Hence, problem-focused coping is favourable when facing stressors you perceive as controllable.

Perceived control is your beliefs about your personal capacity to exert influence over and shape outcomes. Greater personal control is associated with lower reactivity to stressors in daily life.

In addition to having the right coping strategies, there are numerous means by which you can manage stress;

  • Establish a social support network – Building strong relationships with others helps us establish a network of close, caring individuals who can provide social support in times of distress, sorrow and fear. Social support can take many forms, such as advice, guidance, encouragement, acceptance and emotional comfort.
  • Exercise – It’s well established that exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Physically fit individuals are more resistant to the effect of stress and recover more quickly from stress than less physically fit individuals.
  • Meditation & relaxation – Sit upright in a comfortable space, in a relaxed position. Focus on your breathing or repeat a word or a calming phrase (mantra) to yourself. A relaxation response approach is conceptualized as a general approach to stress reduction that reduces sympathetic arousal, and it has been used effectively to treat people with high blood pressure. (For those interested in the science of meditation I can strongly recommend the book ”The Science of Meditation” written by David Coleman & Richard J. Davidson 2017).

A growing movement and field of research called positive psychology emerged in 1998, thanks to psychologist Martin Seligman who urged psychologist to focus more on understanding how to build human strength and psychological well-being. In a general sense, positive psychology can be thought of as the science of happiness; it seeks out to identify and promote qualities that lead to greater fulfilment in our lives, and it moves aways from focusing on people’s pathology, faults and problems.

Important topics studied by positive psychologist include altruism, empathy, creativity, forgiveness, compassion, the importance of positive emotions and enhancement of immune system functioning. Recent efforts in the field have focused on extending its principles toward peace and well-being at the level of the global community. In a world in which conflict, hatred and distrust are common, such a positive-peace-psychology could have important implications for understanding how to overcome oppression and work toward global peace.

A stress-free life not only brings peace within, but moreover, can help to establish peace between humans.



Source: OpenStax University – Psychology

Friday Feeling – Will Power

”I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

– Albert Einstein

What is your biggest talent?

Maybe you’re good with words? Good at inventing and building things? Or maybe you’re a skilled entrepreneur, or a great pastry chef? Whatever your talent might be, talent alone will never be enough. Hard work, persistence and will power will decide exactly how much of your talent that will come forth. Nature alone isn’t enough; you’ll have to nurture your gift.

Talent can, however, be seen as a vital starting point, but without the dedication and will power to develop and master your skills talent alone will never be enough. While you can be extremely gifted in a particular skill, the likelihood that you succeed decreases greatly as soon as you stop nurturing and developing your talent. Someone else with less talent working day and night cultivating their skills will most likely succeed with far greater possibility.

”Self-regulation is the process of identifying a goal or a set of goals and, in pursuing these goals using both internal (e.g. thoughts and affect) and external (responses of anything or anyone in the environment) feedback to maximise goal attainment. Self-regulation is also known as will power.” (OpenStax University, Psychology)

With this being said, I strongly agree with Mr. Einstein when it comes to the importance of being passionately curious.

But firstly, you’ll have to know what you’re good at. Here’s where self-awareness comes into play; the more you know yourself – your strengths and weaknesses – the better you can prepare for your upcoming success. Secondly, you’ll have to know how to develop your talents even more – meaning constantly educating yourself, as well as learning from others that already succeeded in your field of interest.

Last but not least, you’ll have to make an important agreement with yourself; Despite how much struggle you’re facing you’ll have to decide that you’ll never quit. This means that you’ll have to feel a great deal of passion towards what you’re doing. You see, it might take you 30 years before you’ll succeed; maybe you’ll succeed when you’re in your 60s (and you won’t experience that if you throw in the towel when you’re 25 or 45). If you want something really badly, like really badly, cause it occupies your mind day and night, then quitting is not an option. The more passion you’re feeling towards achieving your goals, the more likely it will shine through and therefore, have a greater positive effect on other human beings as well.

Now back to being passionately curious. Being passionately curious will help you on your way towards success. A curious being is not afraid of trying new things, and not afraid of thinking differently. A curious mind never stops asking questions, although it might make him or her look stupid. Stupid are the ones that don’t know, and still don’t ask for help. If you’re semi-good at something and your wish is to improve, than I strongly believe being open-minded and curious will be a tremendous help on the way.

Curiosity + Will Power = Success.

Moreover, curious people aren’t afraid to change things up, or to look beyond the path they once carved so neatly. Sometimes things don’t go our way, and it’s in those moments thinking outside the box comes in handy.

So whether your talent is running a multi million dollar business or baking cookies, it’s important to remember to always strive for progression, and to be open-minded to do things in a slightly different way.

That having been said, I wish you all a great weekend (filled with curiosity)!




50 facts about me

”Out of stillness grows mastery. There’s no place like within.”


  1. I like spending time by myself (I’m an INFJ personality type).
  2. I feel more at ease in one-on-one settings than in large groups.
  3. I love dark chocolate.
  4. I’ve done yoga almost every day for about a year (some days 10 minutes other days 40 minutes).
  5. I’m very sensitive to other peoples’ energies.
  6. I’m a very sensitive person ( although I might look or act cold on the outside).
  7. I believe all people are born with a kind heart (however, what we let society, our ego or other people do to us is up to us..)
  8. Having knowledge is powerful, nevertheless, without wisdom it’s all wasted.
  9.  I want to have two dogs; preferably a husky and a golden retriver.
  10. My new found hobby painting is the best thing that happened to me this past year.
  11. Rhytmic gymnastics is my all time favorite sport; it was my biggest passion when I was between 10-18 years old.
  12. I feel a enormous drive to help people in some way or the other.
  13. If I had the money I would travel to space.
  14. I’m a hopeless romantic.
  15. It takes a while to get to know me. BUT when you do, you’ll have a friend for life.
  16. I immediately know if I will become friends with a person or not (it a sense of feeling I have inside).
  17. I have a very strong intuition. Sometimes so powerful I don’t even want to listen to it, however, sooner or later I’m forced to. My intuition never seems to lie.
  18. Writing makes me come alive.
  19. Meditation makes me calm (I realised the other day that I already meditated as a young child, I just didn’t know or realise I was doing it; As a child I usually found myself sitting, simply being, without doing anything or even thinking about anything. I think I was better at it then.. 😉
  20. My dream job would be something that involves creating and helping people.
  21. I want to get married near the ocean.
  22. I’m the youngest out of six. And a child at heart.
  23. Although I regard myself as an introvert, I often dream of standing on a big stage infront of thousands of people.
  24. I’m very observant, and always think before I speak.
  25. I’m a huge animal lover.
  26. I’m afraid of heights.
  27. I would love to skydive.
  28. I always choose to see the good in people.
  29. June is my favourite month.
  30. Christmas is my favourite holiday, since I usually get to spend time with my whole family.
  31. I have a bunch of good old childhood friends that, although, we do not meet very often I know that they will always be here, in my heart.
  32. Sometimes I struggle to see my own potentiality.
  33. I have a vidid imagination.
  34. Sometimes I struggle with finishing things.
  35. I feel most alive during the early hours OR late at night.
  36. I’m a very empathetic person, which means it sometimes feels that I sense another person’s pain in my own body/heart (yes it can be rather overwhelming at times).
  37. I value traits such as humour, honesty, kindness & wisdom.
  38. I would like to spend a week at a monastery.
  39. I would say that I’m not super good at one thing, but semi-good at a lot of things.
  40. I’m an athletic person who has always been good at sports.
  41. I believe it all starts with loving ourselves. If we love ourselves unconditionally, and respect ourselves just the way we are with all the flaws and imperfections, it will be much easier to respect other people as well.
  42. Racism, prejudice and hatred make me sick to my stomach. I believe we are all the same, yet we are all unique. We are all on this beautiful planet together. If people only new how empowering it is that we are unique humans, however, somehow so alike. What if we began to learn from each other instead? What if we chose love instead of fear? What if we just started to listen. The richness it brings to our lives; different languages, different cultures, different outlooks on life. I am you, you are me. We are all one.
  43. My favourite countries that I’ve visited so far are Japan, France, Italy, England and Holland.
  44. I usually think in English, although Swedish is my mother tongue.
  45. I prefer my coffee with oat milk.
  46. My spirit animal is a husky. Or a bluebird.. (I do not know why those bluebirds keep on popping up in my mind since I’ve never seen one in my entire life).
  47. Laughter is cheap medicine.
  48. Self-care is very important to me; taking care of my body, mind and soul.
  49. I cherish the silence.
  50. I do like to spend time alone, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like people. I love humans.

Moment by moment

”Be aware;act, make a move, take a stand, take a chance. Embrace and work with what is.”


Every moment, peacefully passing by. What happens now, in this moment, guides us into the next. Pay attention to your surroundings, as well as your inner state, as it nourishes greater awareness, clarity and acceptance of what is. Don’t miss out on life, don’t miss what is of greatest value. Growth and transformation happen the moment you realize the richness and the depth of your potentialities. As every moment peacefully evolves, so are you. 

How to become more mindful? How to become more acceptant of what is? There are several methods helping us to cultivate a more intimate relationship with the present moment, ways for us to achieve serenity. Peace of mind. Below you’ll find some of my favourites.

Tranquility speaks

”Listen to the whispers of your soul.”

4.30 am. I forgot how peaceful it is to wake up at dawn. Complete darkness surrounding me, however, the light within keeping me safe. The early hours present a tremendous opportunity for self-reflection. Looking within, and realising that everything is exactly as it should be. Morning yoga to wake up the body, meditation to wake up the mind. Within the stillness lies the answer. The answers to all of our questions. It’s our task to listen. To be still, to be alert. To trust.


Become one with nature

”Watch her let go, watch her become.”

Let nature be your biggest teacher. How she unfolds; growing, letting go and becoming. Effortlessly, and calmly providing us with all her treasures. She’s delicate, yet powerful, the way she’s giving all of her. Supporting us with her beauty. Her kindness. Celebrate her. Treat her with respect. Treat all of it with respect. We are all one.


Choose your happy

”Do you, and flow with it.” 

The more I listen within, the less I compare myself with others. And the less I observe what others are doing, the happier I become. However, it’s extremely easy to get caught up in comparison mode. To start judging oneself for not being enough, not doing enough. It’s not about the doing, it’s about the being. It’s about surrendering to the moment and making the best out of it. The only way for us to get out of this negative mindset of comparison is to start accepting ourselves the way we are. Knowing that we are exactly who we need to be right now. Letting go of outside pressure, the need to compete with others; we are only competing with ourselves. Your only comparison should be who you were yesterday. In this moment you have the power to choose. Choose happiness. Choose love. Choose yourself, and flow with it.



”It’s not the situation that makes us unhappy; it’s our thoughts about the situation that makes us unhappy.”

The more aware we are of our thoughts and how they affect us, the more we realize just how powerful they are. Thoughts can completely turn a day around. They can turn a life around. Redirecting your thoughts, choosing more positive ones, when facing a negative situation can help you see the situation in new daylight. The understanding that no one can change your thoughts but you, should be enough for you to jump over to the drivers seat. You control your thoughts – don’t let them control you. However, you should never neglect your feelings, your emotions. Don’t ever surpress the negativity, don’t let it built a nest within you – let it out, let it pass through you. Know that you are simply experiencing these emotions. They shall pass, as they too are temporarily.


”Out of stillness grows mastery. There’s no place like within.”



Dear November…

… surrendering to your darkness, knowing, your blissful bright light peacefully resting within.

”The silent hour of night,
and my heart suddenly arise,
caressing my awaken sight,
while awaiting life, with blissful eyes.”


Your days are short, your nights are endless. Swimming in your darkness, facing our deepest fears. There’s no way escaping the twilight, but to invite it to dance. Pour your rain on us, cover our lives in darkness, blow your insecurities on us, but, you’ll never ever destroy us.

After dusk comes dawn. There’s no June without you.

This November is all about harnessing the talents within. Cultivating curiosity, courage, confidence and creativity. Life is filled with opportunities. Trust. It’s about accepting and releasing emotions, negative thoughts. Reaching out to humans through loving kindness and warmhearted action. Striving for growth and progression. Connection and compassion. Speaking with integrity. Being impeccable with the words.

It’s about redirecting the attention. Good energy, good vibes, filling our lives. Knowing we have the freedom to express ourselves. To be who we are. Magnificent, dear human. Magnificent. Creating things we wish existed. Courage. Sometimes it takes courage to be who you are.

You are exactly who you need to be.

It’s about following the heart. Quieting the mind. Living life, dancing with every breath. Now is the time to set all worries aside, to rise above limiting beliefs and self-destructive behaviour. Awaken to a new confidence, as forceful as the strongest, brittlest wind. Found within. It’s always found within. 

I welcome you, dear November. I believe your cold breeze sings to me, as your dark night speaks to me. My quiet thoughts secretly in love with your dark, fierce character. However, be gentle, be kind, as summer, still on my mind.

And while I’m reading you slowly, I’ve become aware, that beneath that brisk, unpredictable wind lies a warm, delicate soul, teaching us all how to grow.


Beautiful minds

”If you only knew all the things you’re capable of… Darling, imagine all that you could do!”


We’re amazing creatures. We’ve travelled to the moon, cured illnesses, developed micro processes, written master pieces, created astonishing art and breathtaking architecture. The human mind is impressive. You’re impressive. Don’t you ever forget just how extraordinary you are.

Cultivating the power within will help you reach goals more easily. It will help you create a life filled with happiness, love and abundance. A life blooming with opportunities.

With cultivating the power within I mean having trust and faith within yourself; a deep trust that you’re capable of achieving all of your desires. You see, it all starts with believing in yourself. You have to rewire your thoughts if that’s what it takes – shift the way you perceive yourself, and become aware of the words you use to describe yourself. If you’re constantly doubting yourself, and your ability to accomplish certain things you’ll have difficulties proceeding and succeeding, and most likely your life will become stagnant.

With that being said, in order for you to keep growing it’s crucial that you start believing in yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid of making a fool out of yourself. Keep learning, keep educating yourself, and strive to always do your best. And if at first you do not succeed, or you believe you failed miserably, there’s a big change that no one will even notice. According to the ”spotlight-effect” you believe that people are noticing you all the time, but they aren’t – they’re busy noticing themselves;

”Because we are so focused on our own behavior, it can be difficult to arrive at an accurate assessment of how much–or how little–our behavior is noticed by others. Indeed, close inspection reveals frequent disparities between the way we view our performance (and think others will view it) and the way it is actually seen by others.” (Gilovich, T.; Medvec, V. H.; Savitsky, K. (2000). ”The spotlight effect in social judgment: An egocentric bias in estimates of the salience of one’s own actions and appearance”.)

On the basis thereof, maybe it’s time for you to just go for it. If thoughts like ”what will others think of me” or ”what if they judge me” are restricting you, then, let this be a sign, or a reminder that it’s time to let go. It’s time to let go of unnecessary thoughts that do not serve you, in fact, they are doing nothing but holding you back. Now is the time for your creative mind to bloom!

I recently watched a documentary called ”The Creative Brain: How Insight Works” (BBC) due to an assignment I had in the psychology course I’m attending. The documentary explained what goes on in the brain when people have moments of creativity, what creativity is and how to become more creative.

”Change things up.”

According to the documentary, one way to become more creative is to engage in new and unexpected experiences, as it can boost your creativity. Unexpected and unusual experiences help you think more flexible and imaginative. Therefore, seek out new knowledge, disrupt your daily routines with fresh ideas and different ways to do things, break cognitive patterns – give yourself room for creativity; the effects of changing your routines changes your brain.

”Occupy your body, but your mind can wander freely.” 

Another thing mentioned was, that if you want to become more creative it’s best not to be too focused, at least not all the time. ”Mind wandering” has a long history in creativity, but now researchers are starting to understand just why it’s so effective.

Researches have studied brain scans when people let their mind wander and they have noticed a distinct change in one area of the brain; the frontal lobe, right above the eyes – a kind of temporarily sleep mode. When the frontal lobe is slightly pulled back ideas are flowing more freely, and some of the ideas from the subconscious can come into the conscious awareness more easily. We can get there in different ways whether it’s through meditation, walking in nature, taking a bath or exercising. There are various ways to down regulate the frontal lobe temporarily, and therefore allow creative ideas to flow more easily.


You have a beautiful, astonishing brain, mind and soul. Your goal should be to nurture and polish all of your unique talents and traits. Darling, believe in yourself. Now is the perfect time to start imagining all that you can do.



What’s your reason for being?

”Wherever you are, be there.”


Who are you? I’m not asking for your name, or where you were born. I’m not asking about your profession, or your field of study. I’m not asking about what has happened to you in the past. And I’m not asking about your family, or who you’re dating. I’m asking about you. 

Who are you?

Finding oneself being lost in life, lost in translation, happens to all of us at some point in our life. If you’re feeling lost, then it’s exactly where you need to be right now. Be thankful to life, for always having your back. Be thankful for the path you’ve travelled; the way it has moulded you, and strengthened your sense of Self. Be thankful for where you are at this moment.

With every breath; die with the past, surrender to the future, and awaken to the sound of your present heartbeat.

The beauty of life lies in the simplest of things. You don’t have to feel obligated to write a list filled with material goals that you maniacally have to achieve at a certain point in your future life. The main goal of today could be to simply get back to yourself, to find your own power. To feel happy and alive, and to understand that your true strength always stems from within. To seek out the smallest, yet the most precious, things in life; like waking up with a smile on your beautiful face, with compassion and trust within your heart, and power and strength within your soul.

The best way to light up yourself is to light up another human being. Understand that you’re not alone, and that we were put on this earth to serve each other. Help each other. To love a little more. To love a little deeper.

You’re not walking this path alone, although at times you might feel complete loneliness haunting your body. You’re not lost, and you’re not alone. You’re exactly where you need to be. There are 7,5 billion humans on earth, and this number does not include the animals, the dogs.

Your heart might be locked, in order for you to protect it from further damage, but trust me, you’re not alone. Dare to open your heart again, if just for a few seconds. Breathe a tiny amount of air into it, and little by little while you sense your breath, you’ll see just how far it will expand. Give your heart your fullest attention, your fullest support, and it will provide you with everything you’ll ever need.

Life. It will present you with life.



Let yourself be

Let yourself be subject to heavy tear-fall, like the rainforest of Amazon.

Let yourself bloom, like an early spring day.

Let yourself rest, like the ground underneath the softest, lightest crystal snow.

Let yourself sparkle in all your true colors, like the golden sun during sunset.

Let yourself be carried by your strength, like the winds of a tornado.

Let yourself be still, like the dawn of a new day.

Let yourself trust in new beginnings, like the birth of a new season.

Let yourself speak up, like thunder and lightning.

Let yourself grow, like the tiniest seed.

Let yourself feed others with life and inspiration, like the greenest, thickest forest.

Let yourself be limitless, like the midnight sky filled with stars.

Let yourself breathe in all your beauty, your true authenticity,

while being open to the abundance flowing within you,

like me,

each and every newborn day.

– words by nature


The gift of the present moment – inner happiness

”True awareness, being totally immersed in the present moment experience, is the most pure, peaceful, expansive and healing state there is.”


Random thoughts on a crisp, soft autumn day. May the magic of the golden hour awaken the spark within you. 

Don’t try to change the past, it’s impossible. The only way to change the future is by making the most of the present. Being a control freak by nature I’ve decided to work on being more patient with myself, in order to find a sense of calmness within; personal features that I strongly believe are highly beneficial to the body, mind & soul. 

But how is it even possible to stay patient and calm in a world that’s constantly changing? To stay satisfied with what is, when the mind is obsessed with living in the past or worrying about the future? It’s like it does anything just to escape the now.

”I don’t want to be here, I need to get to there.” ”When I find that perfect partner, that perfect job, earn loads of money and become successful, then I’ll be happy.” ”I’m not satisfied with where I am, I need to have more, be more; then my life will be fulfilled.”

The ego will never be fulfilled; no matter how much recognition, power or success it receives the ego will always crave more.

The ego doesn’t thrive by being in the present. However, the present moment is all there ever is and will be; when something happens, it always happens now. Nothing ever happens in the future, it happens in the moment.

It’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve goals, or visualizing a life filled with abundance, prosperity, love and happiness. Most likely these wonderful, external things will bring a great deal of joy and happiness into your life, but for the most part it’s a short-lived kind of happiness. After a while the ego eventually gets bored, unsatisfied, and starts craving more of that external success.

Nonetheless, achieving external success isn’t the root to your happiness. Constantly pleasing others, and thereby forgetting about your own wants and needs, isn’t a life well lived. Defining your worth according to how others treat you, isn’t going to make you feel more desirable. People may adore you, or they may dislike you, either way it shouldn’t affect you, since, in the end what you think about yourself is the only thing that matter. Of course it will hurt if you get abandoned, rejected or replaced. Despite the amount of pain you’re feeling, know that none of these circumstances will make you less worthy. Whether you didn’t get that promotion or you were replaced by another lover, you should never let it affect your inner happiness.

It’s easy, and very human, to fall into negative self-talk whenever something bad happens in life. Self-pity parties might feel okay at first, but in the end feeling sorry for yourself won’t make you feel any better. Adopting a more positive way of thinking is a first step towards a more solid kind of happiness;

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Maybe you didn’t get that promotion simply because there’s a much better option waiting for you? Why not trust the unfolding of your life? Why not accept and embrace this moment?

How does one discover an inner, true form of happiness?

By being present.

When you’re fully immersed in the moment, thoughts about what happened to you in the past, or doubts about the future won’t have any opportunity to grow. They will most likely try their best to sneak in, but as soon as you become fully conscious of the benefits of not holding on to them you’ll start to notice how effortlessly they pass through you. There’s nothing more pure and perfect than the simplicity of this moment. The beauty within a sunset, leaves falling down a tree on a sunny autumn day, a happy puppy playing with his toys. It’s everywhere, if you just took the time to stop and look around.

What is more, the present moment experience is the most healing state there is. Old emotions stored deep down in the body; whether it’s grief, anger, sadness or pain, need to be released out of your system. Unprocessed emotions can show up in different forms, such as a disease, judgement towards people you don’t know or as an addiction. They might even hold you back from evolving, hence keeping you stuck.

However, remember;

Be patient with yourself – deeply rooted emotions take time to heal.

While it’s far from a pleasant experience releasing old pain, it’s inevitable in order to find inner peace, inner happiness. It’s inevitable in order to make space for what’s to come, for new things to arise.

Inner happiness is different from external happiness; it isn’t found in your job title, nor is it found in the car you’re driving, the amount of friends you have, or the person you’re dating.

Inner happiness was born within you the same day you came into being; it has always been there, and will always be there, patiently waiting for you to grab hold of it.



October intentions

”Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

– Lao Tzu

Every once in a while it’s good to take a seat in the passenger seat, and take time to reflect; catch up on your thoughts, behaviours, intentions and goals. Writing down clear intentions in the beginning of each month is a great way to tap into yourself, your wants and desires. After declaring your monthly intentions you’re ready to take inspired action. If you commit to your intentions by taking aligned action, you’ll likely end up where you want to go (or somewhere even better). 

”Vivid as the ocean, infinite as the sky, colourful as the leaves go by. Take a glimpse at nature, a glimpse at the stars; remember, your true power is always found within, and beneath, your scars.”


1. Patience

(is also a form of action)

”Just let it naturally evolve”

Or like Buddha once said; ”Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.” Show gratitude for what you have, for where you are at the exact moment. It might not be your most desired state of being, however, refusing the present moment won’t make you feel any better. Accept where you are; the good and the bad. Know that everything will happen in its time. Have patience. Trust the process, and most importantly trust yourself.

You might be feeling stuck, or experiencing the same things happening over and over again. If you found yourself stuck in a rut try changing things up – learn a new subject, speak to strangers, try out a new hobby -do something unfamiliar, something that makes you feel all excited again. If you constantly follow the same routines and thought patterns you most likely will end up where you’ve always been. Challenge yourself, challenge your thoughts. Both meditation and yoga are great ways practising patience.

Never give up on yourself. By practising patience you drizzle yourself with compassion.


2. Be aware of your thoughts

”I am the master of this moment; what I seek I already am.”

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. These are powerful words. Only you have the power to change your thoughts. You can change them right now, right this very second. When you notice there’s a negative thought pattern floating around in your mind – simply become aware of its presence, thank it for showing up, and then choose to let it go.

Holding on to old grudges, pain and limiting beliefs will only make you suffer more. Sometimes holding on to old belief-systems might seem convenient and safe (how stupid that might sound). However, all things new and unknown might be scary at first; even adopting new thoughts, since they might feel so foreign and weird. Even here it’s important to practise patience. Don’t punish yourself for having negative thoughts – simply be aware of them, and make the decision to let them dissolve into thin air. Don’t let them take over -you posses the power to let them go.


3. An abundance mindset

”I say yes to abundance in all its forms.”

To choose an abundant mindset is to be aware that there are plenty of love, money, success and opportunities for all of us in this life. When your neighbour receives good news it doesn’t mean that there’s less for you. There’s enough for everyone to go by. With an ”everything is possible” attitude you’ll notice that small miracles can happen each and every day.

When you let abundance flow through you, you’ll notice how effortlessly it flows to you. The more you give, the more you receive – that’s how the law of attraction works. Show gratitude, kindness and compassion; and these things will begin to show up more and more in your daily life. Practise showing kindness to the people that are mean to you, or that treat you wrong – most likely they are the once that need it the most.


4. Let calm be your superpower

”Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power.”

Choosing to stay calm in a situation that otherwise would have made you panicky and restless is a tremendous way to practise taking back your power.

Becoming anxious and nervous in a stressful situation has a lot to do with our biology; the body taps into the fight or flight mode, in other words the sympathetic nervous system is activated when we are faced with high-arousal situations. The fight or flight response allows the body access to energy reserves so it might fight off a threat or run away to safety (Psychology, Openstax University, s. 87-88).

It’s clear that such a response would be critical for our ancestors, who lived in a world full of real physical threats, however many of the stressful situations we face today are more psychological in nature. For example you might become stressful when you have to stand up and make a speech in front of your co-workers or before an important job interview. You’re in no real physical danger in these situations, however, you’ve evolved to respond to any perceived threat with the fight or flight response. If you’re constantly faced with psychological threats (persistent and repeated exposure to stressful situations) you’ll suffer negative health consequences, such as impaired function of the immune system. While the sympathetic nervous system is involved in preparing the body for stress-related activities, the parasympathetic nervous system is associated with returning the body back to its day-to-day operations (Psychology, Openstax University, s. 87-88).

Practising calmness is therefore easier said than done. However, with awareness you’ll become better at handling stressful situations – breath calmly, be present and stay focused. Don’t let your mind wander to places where the worst-case-scenario is put on repeat. Practising being mindful in the moment will have great advantages when you found yourself in a high-arousal situation.


5. Your health is your greatest wealth

”My body is there for me every day, keeping me alive and healthy. I show it my deepest appreciation.”

Your body is not immortal. It’s not a machine that will go on and on without being taken care of. Treat your body with respect – show it kindness and compassion. Fuel it with healthy energy; don’t deprive yourself of food, and don’t over-eat. Strive to find the perfect equilibrium for you and your body. 

Remember your body needs movement; stretch your muscles, go for long walks in nature, break a sweat at the gym. Aim at 10,000 steps a day. Be grateful for your body, and all that it was born to do. If you’re lucky and have two legs – be grateful for being able to walk. If you’re lucky and have two arms – be grateful for being able to hold your child or pet, type on a computer, make art or carry the groceries from the food store. Be grateful for being alive.


With that being said – it’s not what you do; it’s how you feel. Focus on high vibe feelings such as positivity, love and gratitude. Have faith in yourself and the future. Amazing things will happen as soon as you allow them to happen – be prepared, be open to receiving the abundance that is already flowing within your reach.

Practise patience. Don’t force things to happen; life will unfold as it’s meant to unfold.