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Dear June…

One of my dearest childhood friends named her baby girl ‘Juni’: June in english. What better way to celebrate that lovely, tiny human with a re-post of my Dear June – post. Anna and Patrick, my best wishes to you and your adorable baby Juni ❤️

my (he)ART

…you’re my favourite month.

”You’ll turn out ordinary if you’re not careful.”

June is for waking up early. For staying up late. The Midnight Sun screaming for attention. June is for restless nights. June is for magic. Young and green. June is for miracles. For feeling alive. June is for picnics and counting stars. June is for beauty in its purest form. June is a wild child, a summer child. Growing into the adolescence of autumn. June is for believing everything is possible. 

June is a month when I feel most alive. I blame the sunlight, the long days and short nights. I sleep a lot during winter, but could stay up whole June. The nature – pure, fresh and clean. June might as well be cold and rainy, but it’s still June. It’s still magic. My deepest desire is to spend every waking moment underneath the Sun. Close to the Sea…

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