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5 things I love about my home country


It’s Finland’s birthday today. 100 years of independence ❤ Congratulations my dear home country. I might not be there right now, celebrating with you. However, you have a sacred place in my heart, not only today, but everyday.

Hooray, hooray, hooray!


5 things I love about Finland


  1. The nature; Land of a thousand lakes. Beautiful, green forests and untouched landscapes – Finland is pure, fresh and clean. Breathing in the peacefulness, the crisp air from the Baltic Sea and the sweet taste of nature’s candy. The wildlife provide habitat to the world’s rarest seal, the Saimaa ringed seal, brown bears and thousand of other wild animals and birds. Finland’s nature calms down the soul ❤
  2. Midnight Sun; It’s magical, and it’s filled with pure heart and light. These calm summer nights turning peacefully into dawning day; feeding us with energy.

    ”June is for waking up early. For staying up late. The Midnight Sun screaming for attention. June is for restless nights. June is for magic. Young and green. June is for miracles. For feeling alive. June is for picnics and counting stars. June is for beauty in its purest form. June is a wild child, a summer child. Growing into the adolescence of autumn. June is for believing everything is possible.” 

  3. The people; At a first glance Finns might seem introverted and shy. But when you really get to know a Finn you will realise how kind-hearted, funny and brutally honest they are. You see, a Finn doesn’t play games; they are genuine, hard working and loyal. If you become friends with a Finn, you most probably have found yourself a friend for life.
  4. The Finnish Sauna; The most relaxing and purifying way to calm down the body, mind and soul. What better way to stress down after a long and hectic day. It’s a lovely tradition and almost all Finns have a Sauna in their home.
  5. Clean and naturally nutrient-rich foods; Nature’s candy such as blueberries, cloudberries, lingonberries and mushrooms are filled with sweet flavours, healthy vitamins and flavonoids. The nature, generously providing us with superfoods.


Once again, congrats! You’re a true warrior. 100 years and getting more beautiful each day ❤



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