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Breathing in the crisp air

‘When seeking pure awareness the best thing one can do is to silently witness the beauty of nature. How effortlessly she’s unfolding her treasures. So transparent, yet so forceful. Copy her, and let yourself be amazed.’


– Linda


The best thing one can do in order to relax and unwind is to spend some precious time close to Mother Nature. Especially those days when she’s picture perfect, taken straight from a fairy tale; crispy autumn breeze, colorful leaves and the October sun caressing our souls.

Whenever I’m in doubt, or in need of some motivation & inspiration, I usually go for a walk and breath in the serenity of nature. It works wonders, every time. She’s magic, no doubt.

After a 90 minutes walk I’ve been sipping on a large, green smoothie, cleaning out my closet, editing pictures, writing, and thinking about going to the gym. Weekends like these, when October is spoiling us with her kindness, I’m extra grateful for crispy, sunny autumn days.


You’re not here,

but that’s simply because you’re in my heart.

I saved a warm and sacred place for you.

I can feel your heartbeat,

like a whisper in the wind

dancing along my every footsteps.

One, two, three,

one, two, three.

I’ll never stop counting,

never stop believing.

Four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine.

Dancing with my heartbeat,

stepping on my toes.


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