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The power of now

‘You don’t have to move mountains in order to find the answer. Sometimes all you need is to embrace the stillness. Listen to that inner voice. It knows the way. It always does.’



5 things I noticed after meditation

I’ve introduced a new habit. A new daily routine. Meditation. For 20 days straight I’ve been dedicating 5-15 minutes a day to meditation. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Already after 5 days I noticed how easily it had become a new habit of mine. A habit I most likely will stick to, like brushing my teeth.

  1. A sense of calmness. I might seem as a calm person on the outside, nevertheless, on the inside, my mind is constantly chatting. I easily get anxious, nervous and caught up in negative thoughts, but meditation has helped me a lot already, only after 20 days. Some days though, I can’t seem to concentrate at all, and the 5 minutes of meditation seem more like 5 hours. However, most of the time the time flies by without me even thinking about it. Leaving me with a sense of calmness.
  2. Being more present. I have a tendency to drift away in my thoughts, forgetting all about the now. I’ve become to appreciate the present more and more. All the beautiful moments that happen during a day – let them embrace you.
  3. Being content. I trust I have the answer. I trust my gut. I trust myself. I’ve become more at peace, hence I worry much less than before. And when I notice the anxiety building up inside of me I can smoothly make a stop to it, before it has completely taken over my mind. Rather, I focus my thoughts more wisely and thoughtfully.
  4. Better sleep. The days when I meditate late at night, right before I go to bed, I’ve noticed that I fall asleep much faster.
  5. More patience. I get impatient and restless at times, especially at work. However, I’ve become to fully understand the importance of breathing and not letting the emotions run over. Just breath and count to ten.

And this is only after 20 days, imagine what the benefits might be after a year. Although I shouldn’t be focusing on the future too much 😉 Instead, breathe in the now.

One important note – Although keeping in mind the importance of being in the present, one should neither neglect setting personal goals nor the future per se. One should always strive to improve, and to grow as a human being, but be mindful of the actual journey. You are more likely to achieve a goal if you enjoy the process. The process of becoming.



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