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‘It’s during rainy nights his soul wanders away, leaving him with nothing but thoughts of her. Early morning the sun comes out, his soul returns and she’s gone.’




  1. The tranquility that suddenly appears. A sense of calmness arrives when the evenings get darker. Candle lights are burning inside while the nature is changing its colours. Heavier rains, stronger, brisk winds and a mind at ease.
  2. Heart-warming soups & spicy veggie stews. Even though I love a creamy smoothie bowl my body is longing for warm, flavourful foods when the days get colder. How wonderful isn’t it to cuddle up with a spicy dish after an hour walk breathing in the cool, crisp air.
  3. Nature at its finest. I’m definitely a summer person, but I have come to appreciate the fall more and more. Especially September. The colours of the trees, the fresh air and cooler nights.
  4. A creativity that blossoms. Take today for example – It has been raining non stop. I tried going outside but I almost blew away, and by the time I got home I was soaked in water. So why even bother? I’ve been sitting on the computer, writing, and the hours have passed by unnoticed. It’s late evening already? When the mind is engaged, stimulated, the world outside fades away.
  5. Time to take a breather. Fall is the perfect time for relaxation and taking care of oneself. Acknowledge the present, simply cause the now is wow. Why not try out a new hobby or start an online course? One can never have too much knowledge. I love the fact that I have time to read books, practise yoga, write and cook. Impeccable ways to unwind.


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