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Health Food & Other Stories

‘The most effective way to do it, is to do it.’


Amelia Earhart


Update! After much thought and careful consideration I’ve decided to change my blog name, as well as my Instagram name. However, will still be the blog URL (at least for the time being).

I’m still CleanEatingbyLinda though; I simply view the name change just as it is – a name change or more or less – Health Food & Other Stories by cleaneatingbylinda. While CleanEatingbyLinda is the brand name, Health Food & Other Stories is the blog name.

After four years I felt it was time for some fresh vibes to sweep in and change things up. As I wrote in an earlier post: ‘Although CleanEatingbyLinda is evolving, growing up, the main purpose will always be the same as from the very beginning; A wish to inspire to a healthful and holistic lifestyle.’

‘Health Food & Other Stories is going beyond eating clean. It’s about awareness. It’s about feeding the body, as well as the mind & soul. It’s about passion. It’s about listening to your own, unique body. It’s about writing and following dreams. It’s about poetry. It’s about creativity and the ability to connect with people. It’s about staying active. It’s about yoga and relaxation. It’s about plant-based food and eating the rainbow. It’s about the planet. It’s about positivity and joy. It’s about colourful smoothie bowls. But most of all it’s about love and an earnest affection to inspire other humans.’

To inspire other humans towards a healthful lifestyle is one of my passions, and is something I’m planning on doing many more years to come. Feeding my soul with purpose.


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