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Dear August…

… you’re beautiful from day one.

‘The now is wow.’



August, I can’t believe you’re here already. Just as with June, I didn’t have the time to say goodbye to July. She was too cold, yet filled with laughter. Please, be warmer. Please be forever. The last month of summer and it’s still June in my heart. But one thing I know, you will be filled with love, dear August. 

August is for chasing dreams. Catching stars. Peaceful, dark summer nights. August is for late evening swims, for enjoying the calmness of the sea. Home made bread and fresh blueberries. August is for creativity. An imagination deeper than ever. The dark, dark sky filled with stars. August is for believing in the power of nature. The power of humanity. August is for humid days and foggy nights. For being in the present moment, appreciating every second. August is for beautiful souls searching for inner peace. Inner light. August is for kindness. August is for curiosity and being brave.

‘The earth has music for those who listen.’

– Shakespere

This August is all about learning. Reading literature and writing poetry. It’s about spending time in nature. Feeling alive. Practising yoga and feeding the heart. It’s about grabbing opportunities. It’s about beautiful souls and inspiring people. Getting one step closer. It’s about joy. For being in the moment.

August, I welcome you. You’re one of my favourite months. Let us make memories.


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