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”Listen to the universe while it sings to you. Don’t wait until it screams, cause it will.”   I believe your cold breeze sings to me, as your gloomy night speaks to me. My quiet thoughts secretly in love with your dark, fierce character, however, be gentle, be kind, summer still on my mind. While I’m reading you slowly I’ve become aware, beneath that brisk, unpredictable wind, lies a warm, delicate soul, teaching us all how to grow. Quiet the mind, dance with every breath. Now is the time to set all worries aside, rise above limiting beliefs and self-destructive behavior. Awaken to a new confidence, forceful as the strongest brittlest wind. Found within. It takes courage to be who you are. Always found within.   … and then fear asked courage – please teach me. Teach me everything you know, like the way you always succeed making life strangely appealing.     Found in the details The way the ray of sunlight touches your dark brown iris. The way your voice soothes my breath. …

Live a little

”Don’t be afraid to try new things. Just live a little.”   I’ve had a very productive weekend. With almost 16 hours of psychology studies (brain anatomy), I felt I needed some kind of balance not to go insane. I brushed off my painting brushes and spent Saturday evening messing with light spring colors. Oh how I adore this time of the year! The sun makes me too restless, however, her light energy always transmits me joy and peace. I’ve also decided to start recording some of my texts. The reason being; I just need to step out of that comfy comfort zone of mine. I strongly believe in the importance of doing things that scare you. We shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things – instead we should live a little. Shouldn’t we? We don’t have to be perfect. We just have to be ourselves. I challenge you to do something this week you never done before; whether it’s talking to a stranger, waking up one hour earlier, eating healthier, speaking kindness, or trying …

Live in color

”don’t blame me;the moon was full.”   Life would be rather dull if we would live in grey and black all the time, wouldn’t it? We need a little more spark in our life. A little more passion. A little more joy. A little more of everything that puts a big, fat smile on our face; poetry art the ocean red lips the autumn breeze summer nights sex laughter dreams plant-based food pure white snow empty beaches bare skin sunset the early hours love thunderstorms human beings dogs the smell of light summer rain music crispy apples yoga curiosity the midnight sky space snowy mountains morning coffee kindness ❤ Linda