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What inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle?

‘A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.’


What inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle?

My first respons is life. The idea is to die young as late as possible. I want to be like my dad. He turned 78 this fall, and he’s in better shape than most 50-year-olds. ‘It’s the turmeric, Linda’  he said today. Turmeric might well be one of the reasons. It might also help that he’s active, usually eats healthy (meaning he enjoys his cinnamon buns from time to time) and he and mum have a rich social life.

Enough of my dad. Besides life I’ve another reason why I always prioritize health.

Positivity & Joy

Being healthy helps me stay positive. Health is much more than what you’re eating and drinking. Health is also about what you’re thinking and saying. The older I get I’ve become to realise that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body (if not even more!) The past year I’ve been prioritising mindfulness, yoga and mediation as well as dedicating time to the things I love, like writing, enjoying nature, cooking and just chilling. Having abs is nice and all that, but having a peaceful and content mind is way nicer.


Health is your biggest wealth

Health is usually a choice. Of course you can’t always control if you’ll become serious ill or not. But you can do your best to prevent or reverse some of the most common diseases by quitting smoking, choosing a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

‘If you think the pursuit of good health is expensive and time consuming, try illness.’

– Lee Swanson


You don’t have to have a lot of money in order to become healthy. Last time I checked walking was free. You don’t even need an expensive gym card in order to gain muscles – do your workouts at home or in the park. And you know what? You don’t even need to spend all your money on all the fancy superfood products out there. Cook your own food from scratch, eat seasonally and locally. But if I were you I would consider buying turmeric 😉

In the end it’s all about prioritising; And your health & wellbeing should be first on your to-do-list. Because if you neglect taking care of yourself you don’t have the energy to live life to its fullest – doing your job, educating yourself, challenging yourself, taking care of your children and spending time with all your loved ones.

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle ❤





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