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Dear July…

you came too early, as per usual.

”i’m going to make everything around me ravishing – that is the purpose.”


I didn’t even have the time to say goodbye to June, since I thought you would come tomorrow. You know how much I cherish June. June is my favourite. Although that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I do. It’s just that I prefer June. But anyways July! I think we will get along pretty well. Just promise me one thing. Be warmer than June. Ok? I know you want to. 

July is for making progress. For believing in miracles. The warm days feeding us with energy. July is for ice cream. For family get-togethers and mosquito bites. July is for meeting childhood friends who will always be friends although you meet far too seldom. July is for sunscreen and cold sea. For late night runs. For thunderstorm and heavy rains. July is for festivity and reading books. July is for being me.

”Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.”

– Ugo Eze

This July is all about power. Being confident and alive. Practising yin yoga and challenging myself. It’s about focus and laughter. It’s about joy and Nature. Its about plant based foods and giving the body exactly what it needs. Love.

July, I welcome you. Although you always here too early. But I heard that the secret of getting ahead is getting started. So dear July, lets get started, shall we?


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