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Flow with it

  ”When in doubt, practise yoga.” Almost every morning, after I’ve had my morning coffee, I practise yoga. It’s by far one of the morning routines that I appreciate the most. Letting my body quietly awaken while I stretch out my muscles; Absolutely lovely. Yoga has helped me tremendously in so many ways; not only to find stillness, but to learn to listen to my body and its needs. Yoga can be anything from a tough, sweaty workout to more calm, mindful movements. Find your favourite. Find your kind of flow. I’m far from being a yogi, but I don’t care; I really enjoy it, and that’s the most important part. You need to be enjoying the things you’re doing. Or in other words; you need to be loving the things you’re doing. It becomes so much easier then – to work out, and to take care of the body. Your body is your home, and therefore it needs to be taken care of ❤ A gentle flow. Namaste   Annonser

Saturdays are always welcome

”everything is more glorious before dawn. the serenity flows through every inch of my body, making it easier to remember who I am.”   Saturday. Woke up at 6 AM. Oh how I appreciate being an early riser again. It makes me feel super productive, calm and satisfied. Happiness lies in the simplest of things – like waking up before sunrise, enjoying morning coffee on the yoga mat, taking care of the body. Pure bliss. Pure life. I’ve been enjoying a late breakfast, plenty of coffee as well as homemade ginger tea. I’ve been searching for inspiration for articles, writing and making the most delicious spinach soup. Seriously! It’s tasty and filled with flavour, the recipe will be up on my food blog Health Food & Other Stories during next week. This afternoon I’ve been spending the hours studying for an entrance exam that I probably might apply for. Haven’t really decided though. Nevertheless, I’m reading something different from what I normally would read at the moment, gaining new knowledge. And I’m not the one saying …