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Flow with it

  ”When in doubt, practise yoga.” Almost every morning, after I’ve had my morning coffee, I practise yoga. It’s by far one of the morning routines that I appreciate the most. Letting my body quietly awaken while I stretch out my muscles; Absolutely lovely. Yoga has helped me tremendously in so many ways; not only to find stillness, but to learn to listen to my body and its needs. Yoga can be anything from a tough, sweaty workout to more calm, mindful movements. Find your favourite. Find your kind of flow. I’m far from being a yogi, but I don’t care; I really enjoy it, and that’s the most important part. You need to be enjoying the things you’re doing. Or in other words; you need to be loving the things you’re doing. It becomes so much easier then – to work out, and to take care of the body. Your body is your home, and therefore it needs to be taken care of ❤ A gentle flow. Namaste  

Monday Mood & Workout

”You don’t get what you wish for. You get what you work for.”   Woke up with the sun. I sense it’s spring in the air. It’s the lighter days, I know it is. I adore them. Everything becomes lighter, not only the days, but the mood. Dear spring, we’ve been waiting for you. When you show up every flower starts blooming. Animals waking up from their winter sleep. We bloom. Even with fragile hearts.  I felt very energetic this beautiful Monday morning. A quick morning stretch, food blogging, writing and a well deserved workout. I think I’m ready for some studying (yawn)… I really would rather clean. Every time I know I should do something, I start cleaning. Cleaning is always a good idea. But even I know I don’t need to clean 7 days a week. And you know what!? I booked skydiving 😀 Or I asked the company when it would be a suitable day in May. One step closer to facing my fear of heights though… To escape fear you have to …