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The quest for external validation

”You don’t need someone else’s permission to live your own life.” How do one find the confidence to follow their heart, in a world where one were taught to always seek approval from others? ”See me!” ”Value me!” ”Listen to me!” But in a society where everyone seems to be so caught up in themselves, and simultaneously preoccupied with what everyone else is doing; how can we actually trust anyone but ourselves when it comes to important decisions as what to do with our lives? How can we expect anyone to listen to us if they haven’t even taken the time out of their day to listen to themselves? This constant need of having to seek approval is a never ending circus. Nevertheless, it’s very common for us humans to seek other people’s blessings before we feel we have the right to do something. We migt be doubting ourselves and our capabilities, and therefore seek to be validated by others. Confidence is not about being perfect – it’s not about having it all figured out, …

What is love?

”Love is what love does.” Let’s begin with what love is not. Love is not ownership. Love is not the need to control. Love is not jealousy. Fear of loss. Fear of life. Love is not ”you’re mine”. ”Take my hand, inhale my breath, we wont die, as long as we don’t fall in love.” – l.m.v Love is courage. Love is acceptance. Love is patience. Love is work. Give and receive. Freedom. Non-judgment. Love is. Comfort. to sit in silence,with you,means more thana thousand of wordswith someone else. At the moment I’m reading the book ”The Road Less Traveled – A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth” written by M. Scott Peck. I believe it came out in the 70’s, however, with its timeless message about the very nature of loving relationships it helps the reader how to distinguish dependency from love, how to become a more sensitive parent; and ultimately how to become one’s own true self. I highly recommend the book, if you haven’t already read it. love me …

In art I find peace

”Home is where the heart is – within.” .. and that I believe is the most beautiful thing about our hearts: that there’s enough space for everyone. in a world where everythingis chaoticbe the onebreathing calminto it all slow livingthe new living – some things,not meantto be rushed. it’s when the safety around ushas been taken away from usthat it’s time to relyon the safety within listen to the universewhile it sings to youdon’t wait until it screamscause it will