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New Food Blog

”Say yes to new adventures.”   From tomorrow on you’ll find my food blog Health Food & Other Stories on the Finnish-Swedish site Foodly. No more food on this site though, so for all of you that are interested in eating healthy and mostly vegan food, please check it out ❤ (only in Swedish) Both today and yesterday have been really productive. I’m in such a nice creative flow. Even woke up at 6 am this morning. I realised how much better I feel when waking up before sunrise. I do hope I’ll stick to my new routines at least for a while. 5 easy ways to be more productive   Wake up early. Write a to-do-list. Such a satisfying feeling when you can check things off your list. Start your day with some kind of exercise – you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Take short breaks in between your work. Be sure to get some fresh air during the day.   Have a cosy evening! ❤ Linda  

Eat for the planet

‘Early morning sunrise. I opened up my eyes and it got me thinking of you.’   – Linda   Dear sunrise, I heart you. I heart you like I heart the beauty of nature. The sound of the ocean, the whispers in the wind, the calmness of the forest. The sky so endless it makes me believe in everything. I believe the sun will set late evening, I believe it will rise early dawn. How can there not be magic with a nature so magical?  The main reasons why I strive to follow a plant-based diet; I’m doing something good for the environment – It might seem as baby steps, but when choosing to eat more greens I choose to believe in a greener planet. I might not be the most environmentally friendly person, however I strive to do my best. If all of us would choose to do something good for the environment it could end up as something powerful. ‘Eat less of conventionally raised poultry, pork, beef, or dairy products: Concentrated animal feeding …