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Better than candy

Sweets for my sweets sugar for my honey. I love the taste of sweet foods! However, I stay away from refined sugars and choose to indulge in fruits, berries, dates, coconut sugar and raw chocolate instead. And why wouldn’t I? Those healthier options taste so much better. Healthy energy that keeps my body going. Here are some of my favourites satisfying that sweet tooth of mine. Unsweetened almond butter & Apple slices Home made granola & Granola bars Banana pancakes Raw cacao smoothie Raw food cakes & treats Home made ice cream Acai bowls… With a list like this who needs candy anyway?! Nature has a lot of goodies to offer. Goodies that not only taste might fine but are also filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Eat better not less.   Annonser

Healthy snacking ideas

Let’s face it – I’m a snacker. I love to snack. As soon as I sit in front of the computer my snacker gene starts going bananas. I prefer snacking on healthy options though. Foods that keep my blood sugar level stable and doesn’t force me to go and buy new pants every month. Here I list my favourite snacks at the moment, some of which are easy to grab with you before you leave for work or school in the morning. An apple and almond butter (5-15 g of nut butter depending on how active you’re during the day). Protein smoothie (recipe you’ll find here; Chocolate Protein Smoothie ) The perfect pre or post-workout smoothie. Fresh blueberries & Raspberries with roasted pistachio nuts. Dates & Peanut butter (For those days when you’re craving something extra sweet). Carrots,cucumber & selleri with homemade hummus (make your own hummus since the one you find in the stores usually are packed with way too much oil and additives). Easy peasy healthy hummus: Blend chick peas with loads of coriander, fresh …