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Sweet breakfast porridge

This is a deliciously sweet porridge recipe that satisfies every sweet tooth. Perfect as breakfast on New Years Eve or New Years Day. I’m a huge fan of nutella and porridge. They marry very well together. Feeding my soul. A simple recipe, yet extremely tasty. I recommend you to try it out ❤ Creamy steel cut oats with vegan nutella Ingredients: 1.5 dl gluten free steel cut oats 3 dl unsweetened almond milk 1 tbsp chia seeds Salt & cinnamon Topping: Vegan chocolate hazelnut spread, maple syrup & hemp seeds Instructions: Cook the oats in almond milk on low heat until creamy. Add chia seeds, salt & cinnamon. Eat with maple syrup, vegan nutella and hemp seeds.      Annonser

Green Super Smoothie

‘Happiness is sipping a green smoothie.’   This green goddess smoothie will provide you with pure healthy energy, and make you glow from the inside out. It’s filled with all the good stuff; spinach, kale, broccoli, mango, banana and almond butter. A bunch of greens, because the body likes that. Every cell of the body likes those nutrients.  Nowadays when I have a smoothie they are usually green and filled with veggies & banana or mango. They keep me fuller for longer, and are perfect for both breakfast or as a post-workout snack or as a lighter lunch. It’s easy to ”hide” the veggies in a smoothie. If your kids or you have difficulties getting those daily portions of veggies blend them into the smoothie. And all kiddies and youngsters should know that when drinking a green smoothie they will become Superman/Superwoman.   Green Goddess Smoothie Ingredients: A handful of frozen broccoli A handful of spinach & kale 1 frozen banana A handful of frozen mango 1 tbsp almond butter Lemon juice from one lemon …

5 benefits from drinking green smoothies

‘Let’s wake up with a smile, make green smoothies and conquer the day.’   Whenever I’m at home I try to have a green smoothie as the first meal of the day. I’ve become slightly addicted to them as they provide me with so much energy. And of course they taste delicious. However, I like my green smoothies to be more on the sweet side, hence I always mix frozen banana or frozen mango into the blender. Not to forget the almond butter or peanut butter. The best thing is – you can be creative and improvise. Combine your favourite veggies and/or fruits, some kind of superfood and spices, nuts & seeds, dairy free milk of your own choice and you have yourself a delicious meal. I also prefer cold smoothies so I usually add frozen banana. Amazingly yummy. More energy – Smoothies can be very energy dense, providing your body with loads of healthy stuff. Perfect if you’re searching for a calorie dense meal – add some kind of nut butter (almond butter is …

Green smoothies

”Be calm and have a green smoothie.” Green is my favourite colour when it comes to food, as well as smoothies. Greens + Smoothie = Perfect match. I love the mix of kale and almond butter. The best. Since I prefer a sweet taste I always blend together fruits and veggies. I’m not a hard core vegetable juice drinker. At least not when I’m the chef. You might find me buying a green vegetable juice once or twice a year 😉 With that being said, below you’ll find three of my favourite green smoothies. Oh I almost forgot – I like adding some kind of vegan protein into my smoothies. Just to keep me satisfied and fuller for longer. Not to mention the almond butter. Oh well, the struggles of having a big appetite. MANGO & KALE SMOOTHIE WITH ALMOND BUTTER SPIRULINA DREAM   GREENLICIOUS SMOOTHIE

Pecan & Coconut Granola with creamy blueberry smoothie

Home made granola ❤ My fav! I love the smell of cinnamon and cardamom, almost like I would be baking cinnamon buns (fooling the brain 😉 ) Just mix all of your favourites together, bake in the oven and voilá you have yourself a delicious weekend breakfast. I was actually searching for a granola in the food store earlier today but didn’t find any that attracted my attention. Anyhow, I don’t mind since I know how easy it is to make my own. Adding coconut chips and medjool dates was such a splendid idea. Perfect post-workout-meal. Pecan & Coconut Granola Ingredients: 5 dl gluten free oats 1 dl pumpkin seeds 1.5 dl pecans 0.75 dl melted coconut oil 0.5 dl water 0.5 -1 dl agave (you can also use for example coconut sugar or honey) A hint of cinnamon & cardamom + Natural coconut chips & chopped medjool dates Instructions: Preheat oven to 150 degrees celcius. Melt the coconut oil in a pan on low heat. Add water and sweetener. In a large mixing bowl, …

Pancake brunch

I had myself a delicious pancake brunch this beautiful Saturday morning. Very convenient after a tough leg session at the gym. These pancakes are so yummy and very easy to make. Served with fresh blueberries & raspberries, coconut sugar and squeezed lime juice. I also sneaked in a couple spoons of greek yoghurt. Haven’t been eaten that for many many months but somehow I thought the creamy yoghurt would be suitable together with these darlings. I usually prefer a dairy free option to yoghurt such as coconut yoghurt or soy yoghurt – or more correct -my stomach prefer a dairy free option, so that’s what I’ll have most of the time. Anyhow, they are exquisite – perfectly moist but also a bit crunchy on top. Yum! The combination coconut sugar and squeezed lime was a huge hit, definitely a new favourite. Banana & Oat Pancakes Ingredients: (approx. three pancakes) 1 mashed banana 1 dl oat flour (you can mix oat flakes into a flour in your blender) 1 dl unsweetened almond milk 1 tsp baking powder …

Green Smoothie Morning

I started this rainy, but cosy Saturday morning with an obligatory green smoothie. While I was in Helsinki I bought a new green powder from Puhdistamo – the perfect ingredient for a smoothie. The powder contains MCT-powder, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, hemp powder among other things. Such a convenient cocktail! I got over excited and mixed the green powder with a little bit of everything such as frozen banana, frozen mango, baby spinach, peanut butter, raw cacao nibs, coconut/rice milk, unsweetened soy yoghurt, vanilla powder and a couple of ice cubes. And what a refreshing and delicious morning! (Summer rain is always refreshing). It’s been raining the entire day and I’ve been so, so tired since I came home on Thursday. At least I dragged myself to the gym for a shoulder & abs session (after way too many cups of coffee). I’m completely exhausted after two weeks of work, 10,5 hour a day. I could for sure sleep the whole day, as a matter of fact that’s exactly what I’m going to …


Sunday morning in bed. I woke up way too early. But why sleep when you can have breakfast and enjoy the early hours. Black coffee and banana porridge. I’m deeply in love with Sundays. This banana porridge is super easy to make. You just cook gluten free oats with unsweetened almond milk, a mashed banana and cinnamon. Serve with berries, nuts and seeds. Voilá! Breakfast is served.  

Smoothie 24/7

Here’s a list with a few of my favourite smoothies. There’s no surprise that I love my smoothies. I usually have one as a snack before my workout in the afternoon/evening. Perfect pre-workout. At the moment I mostly end up mixing acai berry powder with frozen banana and blueberries or frozen mango, banana and pea protein powder. From time to time I attempt to create something extra fancy and nourishing, like the ones below. Acai Smoothie Green Smoothie Smoothie parfait Acai Bowl Raw Cacao Smoothie Acai Bowl (again!) 😉 Greenlicious Smoothie 

For the love of porridge

At the moment I love starting my day with a big bowl of porridge. I prefer gluten free oat porridge but try to vary and spice it up with either buckwheat or amaranth. My weakness is for sure oat porridge cooked in coconut milk, real yummy! Not to mention porridge flavoured with vanilla and cardamom. The best thing about porridge is that you can top it with almost anything – fresh berries, blueberry chia jam, apple sauce, different seeds and nuts such as pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, hemp seeds, pine nuts, almond milk, soy yoghurt… The list goes on. In Sweden we are really spoiled at the moment with this beautiful Winter weather. It’s very convenient to warm up with a nice, creamy bowl of porridge. Oh, and I wrote in the beginning that I love starting my day with a bowl of porridge. I normally also love ending my day the same way 😉 The pictures below represents the perfect bowl of oats cooked in coconut milk with a pinch of sea salt and …