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How to live a simple life

”Let the stillness guide you.”

A still, simple life, is created from within. However chaotic and stressful the outside world may seem, you’re always guided back to the serene comfort floating above, within and beyond. You sense it, at times you can even touch it, feel it. You’re aware of it. You are it.

It is you.

You don’t have to move to the countryside, declutter your entire home or spend time in solitude 24/7 in order to embrace a slower and simpler kind of living. You can of course, if that is what you want. However, simple living is more about incorporating a more meaningful way of living. In other words, it’s something that is highly connected with your mindset, hence how you spend your everyday life. How you are interacting with others, and the words you’re using when talking to and about yourself.

What kind of intentions are you setting for the day ahead? How do you wish to communicate, and interact with the people in your life? Do you dedicate time to yourself?

Set some time aside to reflect upon these things.


Make yourself a comforting cup of tea, or brew yourself a nice cup of coffee and grab a piece of paper and pen.

What does it mean to live a more meaningful life?
What is important to me?

Am I focusing on the right things?

Worth mentioning – slow living has nothing in common with being lazy, and not accomplishing things. Rather, it’s the notion of not having to do it all, but to cut things out that doesn’t serve you, and leaving room for the things you love, the things that are necessary and above all – the things that make your heart shine.

There are many suggestions on how to live a slow, simple life, however, how would you describe it? Find your own pace of living, whether it’s moving to a smaller town, embracing a more minimalistic living, spending less, working more effectively, cooking meals with your kids, having deep face-to-face conversations with loved ones, setting time aside for creative endeavors, or simply by spending precious time in nature each and every day.

You don’t have to do it all, some days simply existing is enough. Listen to your breath, step out of your head, and live a little.

”Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

– Lao Tzu

Slow, simple living can in a way be seen as living in accordance with the seasons. Just as every season – each and every moment you experience in life, every feeling you’re feeling – serves a deeper purpose. When we take time to slow down and grasp the meaning behind an event we gain a better understanding on who we are, and what we want out of life.

Know that it’s completely okay, and necessary, to be winter when you’re winter, and summer when you’re summer. Trust the seasons changing, trust your inner voice; it knows.



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