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Brief reflections

”How your life feels is more important than how it looks.”

Being in alignment, body, mind and soul – how does that feel? When does one know, one is in alignment with life?

In this moment, here and now, would you say you’re in alignment?

”Let yourself feel the sun on your skin, the crisp wind through your bones, let your feet touch the grass. And your words, let them flow, gently, so kindly, within as well as without. Let them be, who they are. Let go, create space, move forward. Here, be here. Just as you are. Smile, and breathe. Dance a little. Still here, you are.”


I believe being in alignment has a lot to do with if one’s words align with one’s actions. Oftentimes we say one thing, and then end up doing the opposite. A rather common human trait. Why? I don’t, however, have an answer to that. Are we too lazy? Too scared? Too concerned with what others might think of us if we actually started believing in ourselves? Who do you think you are.

The thing is, when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, you won’t be afraid. Yes you might feel butterflies in your stomach, you might sense a nervousness floating back and forth. However, you won’t be afraid. Simply, knowing you’re doing what you came here to do. Peaceful, aligned. And you see; fear doesn’t have the power to stop you from doing what you’re supposed to do – the will to be you is more determined. Bold and compassionate. And that is when you know you’re on the right path. The path towards alignment.

With kindness,


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