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The Courage To Change

”She travels through phases to rise in full bloom.”

– and so does the Moon

As humans we often find ourselves struggling as soon as we encounter change of some sort. Nonetheless, change is inevitable for us to transform and evolve. It’s unavoidable, in order for us to become the humans we are meant to become. I’ve not always seen eye to eye with change. As a matter of fact I’ve always been afraid of change. Deeply afraid of change.

In the past change usually made me feel uncomfortable, like I had no control over my life. No control over my Self. However small or big, it always made me feel uneasy. I wanted to feel safe, and at ease, despite the fact that the situation I was finding myself in was nothing but detrimental for my evolution as a human being. Nevertheless, as time passes by I’ve become to appreciate the uncertainty of life, and I’ve become to appreciate change. There’s beauty in wanting to change, in wanting to transform. There’s beauty in uncertainty. Something that used to make me feel anxious and fearful, now makes me feel a little bit more excitedand alive.

You posses the power to change the way you look at things

By being more present in the moment, and by turning inwards, towards myself, I’ve realised the importance of allowing things to unfold effortlessly, without me trying to interfere. Life guides us every single day, if we let it. It’s up to us to decide how we react to the things happening for us. We can’t control life, however, it provides us with lessons, and opportunities for growth each and every day. Still, no one can take away our reactions to life, that’s one thing we’ll always have control over. We’ll always have control over our thoughts, decisions and responses. You posses the power to change the way you look at things. And when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Don’t be afraid to change

What is more, you should never be afraid to change. If the person you are at the moment just doesn’t feel right, or you feel that you can be more, do more – then know that there is always the opportunity for you to change. The best thing about change is, that it’s never too late. You’re never too young, or too old. Now is always the perfect time. Just like the seasons, we change. You can change how many times you like, that’s no one’s business, but yours. You choose. You choose when it’s your season to change.

And remember, not everyone will understand you, and the path you’re walking. Don’t let that discourage you from moving forward, from changing. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. As long as you’re your own cup of tea, and as long as you don’t harm anyone, or yourself, it’s completely fine. As a matter of fact, it’s more than fine. It’s marvellous. Wonderful, and just as it’s supposed to be.

Rise in full bloom

Darling, I hope you have the courage to change, the day you feel it’s time. Cause, the day will come when the pain of staying stuck gets bigger than the pain of uncertainty. However, the more I think about change, the more I’ve become to realise that maybe it’s actually not so much about changing, but more so about becoming the person I’ve always been, deep within. Allowing myself to rise in full bloom.

Life is far from linear, rather, I believe life should be seen as a process. You might think that you have all of your life figured out by the age of 30. But, then life happens, and all of a sudden you might feel a tremendous need to speak up, to speak your truth. It’s like the calm, unnoticeable voice that has been deeply hidden inside of you suddenly wants to shout out loud. You see, all these years it has been trying to get your attention, yet you never really took the time to listen to what it had to say. That’s one reason why I treasure the stillness so much.

Compassion towards others begins with compassion towards ourselves

Within the tranquility lies the answer. The answer to your deepest desires. Why are we so afraid to follow that inner voice? Why are we so afraid to trust our inner knowing, our inner wisdom? Are we so concerned about what others might think of us, that we don’t even allow our own intuition to guide us? I truly believe that the more we go within, and reflect upon where we are in life, and where we want to be, the more we stop comparing ourselves to others. I also believe that the more we learn about ourselves, the more we begin to trust ourselves. And the more we learn to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes and not so wise decisions, the more we begin to forgive the people around us for their shortcomings. Compassion towards others begins with compassion towards ourselves. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, and neither should we take this life too seriously. You’re allowed to change, as many times as you like. You’re allowed to be, exactly who you wish to be.

There’s this book ”The courage to be disliked” written by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. I knew it would become a favourite of mine just by reading the back part of the book. It’s a conversation between a philosopher and a young man, and their discussion reveals a profoundly liberating way of thinking: by developing the courage to change and to ignore the limitations so frequently imposed upon us, it’s possible to find happiness. The authors are using the theories of Alfred Adler, and is written in the classical ”dialogue format” method of Greek philosophy. I highly recommend the book; it’s simple, straightforward and eye-opening. A good read, indeed, especially for those longing for the courage to change.


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