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The power is within me

”May you have the courage to go places that scare you.”

For many years now I’ve been writing almost daily in my journal. Usually I write down affirmations or set daily intentions. However, lately I’ve become aware of my tendency to simply put words on a piece of paper without any deeper thought behind them. I find myself writing sentences without taking the time to reflect what they mean to me.

This I want to change. Instead of aimlessly writing things down I will choose maximum one to two affiramtions or intentions, and really challenge myself to contemplate on what they represent to me.

Let’s take today’s intention as an example.

”Don’t take life too seriously.”

What does this sentence mean to me? And how can I use this intention to improve my day-to-day life?

For me this means not to be too caught up in my mind. Not over-analyzing things that are out of my control. To simply be okay with the present moment just as it is. To see obstacles and road bumps as life lessons, and to try to see the beauty in the simplest of things. Life simply is. It doesn’t demand anything from us; we are the ones demanding things from ourselves as well as others.

”There is nothing either god or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

– William Shakespeare

Whenever I find myself being to caught up in my head I remind myself to not take neither my life nor myself too seriously. Sometimes it’s like my mind unconsciously creates worst-case-scenarious out of every situation. But as I’ve become aware of the mind’s tendency to do so, I nowadays catch the thoughts before they completely take over my entire being. We cannot change without awareness. We won’t hear the whispers from within if we never take the time to sit with ourselves. On a daily basis I remind myself that the power is within me. The power to evolve. The power to love. The power to create. The power to trust.

Not taking life too seriously doesn’t mean that one doesn’t care, that one doesn’t take responsibility for one’s life. On the contrary, it means that one does not dwell on the things out of their control. Making the best out of each situation, and accepting that sometime one does not have the answers – and that is okay, in fact, its’ more than okay.

With this being said, whenever you find yourself aimlessly doing something – stop for a while and question yourself; Why do I do this? Is this important to me, and why? Is this bringing me peace & joy or worry & sadness?

Don’t be afraid to have an open conversation with yourself from time to time. Be curious enough to want to get to know thyself on a more deeper level. And remember, don’t take yourself too serioulsy.

With ❤


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