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Dear February…

… let’s be brave enough to speak up about the things important to us.

”It’s in the things that deeply inspires us that we find ourselves.”

During the darkest of hours, my first screaming breath, with you. Flawless, being one with your calmness. Just like the cold winter you embrace our deepest desires, our deepest needs. Forcing us to step into our own power. Fearless, being one with the stillness. Guided by love, compassion and courage, truthfully ever after.

February is for evolving, getting one year richer. One year wiser. Staying curious, and open-minded. Finding joy and laughter, everything we sought after. It’s about speaking up, being true to our own unique voices.

It’s time we to stop being afraid of getting older – it’s time to show our deepest appreciation instead.

Becoming curious enough to want to know more about ourselves, and the ways in which we can expand. There’s much to discover and learn about life, about ourselves, as well as the people around us. Spending precious, slow-time alone, gaining a better understanding of who we are, and what we desire out of life. Connecting with one another, and embracing our uniquenesses. Together we are stronger.

With age comes knowledge, not only the one found in books, but from enjoying life. Trust, the seasons changing. Trust, the voice within; it knows.

Everything we’ve been through has taken us to this moment. All the decisions we’ve made, all the countries we’ve seen, all the hearts we’ve touched, all the jobs we’ve had, all the times we’ve struggled, and all the lessons we’ve learned – shaping us into the beings we are, into the beings we’re yet to become.

Dear February, with you I’ve become to appreciate the beauty of aging. Awakening to the delicacy of a newborn day. Every new dawn, learning to flow with the breath of life. Surrounding myself with truth, with everything that resonates with my core. Building myself a little garden in the heart.

”normality glanced at curiosity,
eyes filled with awe.

show me, dear.
show me how to live.

of course.
but first things first,
the walls you built around your heart –
tear them down.”


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