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How to release emotions in a healthy way

”Feel the feeling, but don’t become the emotion. Allow & release.”

Lately I have had this deep need or desire to scream out loud. However, considering my surroundings I never do. But it got me thinking – from where does this impulse stem from?

Usually this ‘craving’ sneaks up on me during days when I feel frustrated, maybe a bit anxious and stressed out.

Pent-up emotions eventually need to be released.

It’s rather common to bottle up ones emotions; we might not want to face them, hence run away from them, seeking out instant pleasures from our external environment. Nevertheless, in due course they will catch up on us.

With this being said, in what ways can these emotions be released from our bodies? You see, you don’t want them to build a nest within, keeping you depressed, anxious or sick.

But first things first – never ever apologize for feeling a certain way. Your feelings are valid – each and every one of them. Feelings come up for a reason, and choosing to hold on to the negative ones might make you sick.

Liberate yourself – there’s no greater feeling than the sense of freedom arising within after pent-up emotions have been released.

Healthy ways to release emotions


Whether it’s through painting, writing, singing or dancing – choose an art form that speaks to your soul. Know that it’s okay to release stuck emotions slowly to prevent them from overwhelming you. You might have been holding on to anger or resentment for several years, and therefore it could become overbearing to release everything at once; thus take it at your own pace. Releasing emotions shouldn’t be something that is impossible for you to do. Take it step by step, and let your favorite art form guide you on your way.

Yin yoga

Repressed and suppressed emotions have a tendency to be stored in our bodies, making our joints and mucles tense and sore, especially in the hip area. Yin yoga is a perfect way to release these pent-up emotions from your body. It’s like meditation for the entire soul. In yin yoga you hold each pose for a longer period of time; anything from 2 minutes up to several minutes depending on your level.

Sitting in a somewhat uncomfortable pose that you’re not normally used to might make you feel frustrated, angry or sad. Know that it’s totally normal, and your body’s way of releasing that which no longer serves you. Surrender to the practise, and notice how, little by little, your body lets go.

Talk it out

What better way to release emotions by talking to your best friend, your mentor, your therapist or even your dog. Speaking up, and being honest with how you feel is oh so important for your mental wellbeing. However, don’t use it as an opportunity to simply nag and find faults in everything and yourself. Instead, try to come up with new solutions and answers to your problems. Keep an open-mind, and remember that you might not always find the perfect resolution – accept it and let it go.

Write a letter

Are there things unsaid? Things you wish you would have expresssed. With an honest heart write clearly about what’s bothering you. While turning your feelings into words you make them more concrete, and more manageable. Getting those feelings, thoughts and whispers out-there is a perfect way to release them from in-there. Let. Them. Go.


Do you feel that your head is filled up with thoughts, ideas, questions and worries? Or do you feel stuck, and don’t know how to proceed? Go for a run. Take a swim, a hike in the mountins or a sweaty boxing session. Whatever you’re deliberating or reflecting upon will eventually become clearer the moment you loose your tight grip around it.

While exercising you release dopamine, serotonin and enorphins. These chemicals will make you feel calmer as they help relieve pain and stress, and therefore trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Having said that, what are your favorite ways to release suppressed or repressed emotions?

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