Random thoughts
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tell secrets to the sunset ♥

”The moon has secrets
for those who listen.”



don’t tell anyone

… i kinda like
to look at you
when you laugh




Found in the details

The way the ray of sunlight
touches your dark brown iris.
The way your voice
soothes my breath.
The way your fingers
entwine with mine.
The way every time
I hear you laugh
a blissful shiver
down my spine.
The way your presence
lingers underneath my skin,
long after you are gone.
The way your lips
heal my scars.
The way my touch
opens your heart.



To your fingertips

There’s a universe inside
A few.
I bet you
Never knew,
As I were
Undressing you,
Pouring out too.



Embrace life

Whatever the day brings,
kiss the Sun.
Whatever the night whispers,
kiss the Moon.
Whatever I say,
kiss Me.

And if you think
his November rain
is too heavy,
you don’t deserve
his blossoming trees
early April.
He’s a once in a lifetime
paving the way for
the winter,
and eventually
the spring.
This cycle of life,
cycle of you,
beautifully entwined,
while moving towards
the summer,
perfectly aligned.

– late night conversations with the Moon



Next to me

If I let you go,
will you return with the wind?
If I bury you underneath
my thoughts,
will you visit me in my dreams?
If I walk with my eyes closed,
will you sneak in,
with the beam of sunlight?

If I decide to wake up,
early dawn,
will you be breathing,
next to me?



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