Random thoughts

Dear October…

… as your days get darker, my soul gets lighter.

”While some people like to dance underneath the stars in June, others like to play with the red leaves of October, and I’m blissfully, wholeheartedly stuck in the middle.”


You’ve never been my favorite, however, you force us to appreciate even the darkest days. Although the sun is hiding and the clouds are heavy, we survive. It’s during rough times we grow, dear October. It’s during those times we know how to live. But I sense you have changed. You’re warmer than before, more colorful. Filled with laughter. Like you’ve risen in love.

And like the wisest of them all, you’re letting go of what no longer serves you. Your brisk wind makes everything rejuvenating. The days; alluring and brightful, the nights; dark and calm. I see a star waiting to be born, intentions waiting to be established, a nature waiting to be cherished, and a life waiting to be lived. 

October is for watching red leaves falling. Creating space. Taking action and working hard. Believing in the power of the soul. The power of now. Caring for oneself. Just like nature, we transform. Becoming whole, empowered and complete. Putting positive intentions into everything we do.

Silently witness the beauty of nature – notice how seductively and effortlessly she’s unfolding her treasures. Fearless.

October is for enjoying the darkness, as well as the bright light within. It’s for grasping opportunities. Looking within for happiness, success and courage. Sometimes the things we want the most are closer than we think.


”Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

–  F. Scott Fitzgerald

This October is all about courage, love and determination. It’s about the dark sky filled with stars. Filled with hope. It’s about being kind to oneself, fellow beings and Mother Nature. It’s about inspiration, and thinking out load. Expressing emotions, thoughts and dreams. It’s about feeding the body nutrients. Respecting the body. Listening to the body. Loving the body. It’s about not being afraid of failure. Since – He who never fails, never actually lives –

Dare to flourish. Dare to be you.

How come we treat ourselves with such disrespect? How come we treat our planet the way we do? If we only knew how lucky we are to be here, right now, in this moment. Lucky to be enjoying the beauty of the ocean, the forest, lakes, mountains, cities, cultures, beaches, skyscrapers, animals, humans, books, love, pain and laughter. Some things you better not ever forget.

It’s for eliminating all the negativity, all the drama. Making room for what’s to come. Breathing in positivity, love and compassion. It’s for giving more. Listening more. It’s for being there for one another, believing in everything that we are. Limitless creatures. Limitless souls. Filled with a power to create a life we’ve always dreamt of. Knowing that there’s pure magic floating around us, through us, within us.

Dear October, help us see the beauty within; the beauty within red leaves falling, the beauty of letting go, the beauty of becoming. Reborn.

I welcome you, darling dear. There’s no hiding from you anymore. Let us play, let us dance. Life begins every second.


beauty sleep

”during the darkest night
she falls asleep,
while autumn leaves dancing
within the gently breeze.
– i promise i’ll wake you up
after you’ve had your sleep –
until then,
darling dear,
until then,
may your dreams be sweet
filling our heartbeat.”



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