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Dear March…

… let’s bring presence into everything we do, shall we?

”What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes.”

I hear spring whisper softly in the garden. The way she melts frozen hearts. Time to be bold, take the leap, and know, on cloudy days the sun is still there, underneath. Darling, I believe we’ll become dearest of friends. I wish to see you laugh. I hope you make me laugh. Oh how you melt my heart – come, dance with me. Darling, spin with me. And before I fall asleep, remember, gently kiss me on my cheek, and know, you’ll always be the one I seek. 

March is for the sun so boldly shining. Coming alive. Quietly crying for the moon, and the stars. Time standing still, frozen, for us. Snow will be falling, flowers start blooming. A precious mix when nature can’t decide. 4 am, and my mind intense, the breath calm. Smelling hope, kissing the soft morning rain, moving with the waves. They say I drive too fast, think too fast, live too fast. No such thing as too fast for me.

Seduce me; smoothly, harshly. In a way only you can.

Early spring darling, you’re one of a kind. One of a kind. Finally finding stillness, being free as the ocean, beautiful as the wildest flower. Inhaling confidence, exhaling doubt. Breathing in the lighter days, dark nights. Wide awake, by your side. Watching the golden sunrise gracefully transforming into pleasant daylight. I’ll be all there, wherever you’ll take me. Within and without, still and alert, precisely like you at 5 am. Lay with me, darling. Laugh with me, darling. Come with me, darling. Deep into the forest, into the blue. Breathe with me, darling. No such thing as too fast for me.

Speeding up my heartbeat, playing with the flames. Taking me to outer space. It’s always been you, early spring. Always been you. I’m lost within your embrace. Lost within your touch. My weakness for you, far too much.

Darling March, I welcome you. You’re soft, unpredictable, heart filled with kindness.

Take my hand,


and then this moment


with lust.



If you do not read, you can always listen, Darling March:




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