Random thoughts

Dear February…

… let’s live truthfully, shall we?

”Meet me at midnight, underneath the stars. I’ll bring my books and you’ll bring your heart.”

Darling February, during your darkest of hours my first screaming breathe, with you. Flawless, being one with your calmness. Just like the cold winter you embrace our deepest desires, our deepest needs. Forcing us to step into our own power. Becoming fearless, living life honestly. Guided by love, compassion and courage, truthfully ever after. 

February is for evolving, getting one year richer. One year wiser. Staying curious, and open-minded. Finding joy and laughter, everything we sought after. It’s about speaking up, being true to our own unique voice.

It’s time to stop being afraid of getting older – it’s time to show our deepest appreciation instead.

Every day we have a chance to learn more about ourselves, we have the opportunity to grow and to grasp the meaning behind our experiences. We have the possibility to fall in love with our imperfections, as well as our strengths.

With age comes knowledge, not only the one found in books, but from life. Trust, the seasons changing. Trust, the voice within. It knows. Everything we’ve been through has taken us to this exact point. All the decisions we’ve made, all the countries we’ve seen, all the hearts we’ve touched, all the jobs we’ve had, all the times we’ve struggled, and all the lessons we’ve learned – have taken us to this very moment.

Dear February, with you I’ve become to appreciate the beauty of aging. Awakening to the delicacy of a newborn day. Snow melting down the sky on a brisk winter’s day. Hearts blossoming in the garden, while the moon caressing fragile souls during the darkest of nights. And oh, how I adore the dark,

cause without the dark we would never see the stars.



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