Random thoughts

Dear January…

… wherever you are, be there.”

”It’s your task to listen. To be still,yet alert.Trust.”


January is for flourishing beings awakening their souls. While nature’s half asleep, bloom, darling, bloom. Evolve, one precious step at a time. Believe in yourself, never neglect your true worth. Your true light. Strive for progression, growth and compassion. There’s always something to be grateful for. Life. Dear human, be grateful for life. Kiss your worries away. Dance with every loving breath. 

January is for taking that delicate and crucial first step. The opportunity to begin anew arises. Sunrise after sunrise. Souls awakening from the darkest of night. From the deep, deep slumber we all return to light. Guided by the strength within. Shining bright. Trust that everything you seek you already are. Brave being, believe in your dreams. Appreciate your journey for it molds you into the human you are. Into the human you are becoming.

This January is all about understanding one’s uniqueness. Knowing that it’s ok to be scared, to not have all the answers. Be ambitious anyway. Be curious, be you. It’s about listening and having faith. Allowing things to unfold naturally, with effortless ease. Inner widom guiding us to where we belong, to the steps we need to take.

It’s about sustainable living and showing loving kindness to all living beings; humans, animals and plants. Mother nature. Working hard and taking action. Creating a peaceful planet. A peaceful world within and without. It’s about trusting, trusting, trusting. Letting the silence speak.

January dear, I welcome you. Always on time. Always exactly where you need to be.

The softest snowflakes caressing burning hearts. Caressing awakening spirits. Now is the time. Time to be bold.




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