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Dear November…

… surrendering to your darkness, knowing, your blissful bright light peacefully resting within.

”The silent hour of night,
and my heart suddenly arise,
caressing my awaken sight,
while awaiting life, with blissful eyes.”


Your days are short, your nights are endless. Swimming in your darkness, facing our deepest fears. There’s no way escaping the twilight, but to invite it to dance. Pour your rain on us, cover our lives in darkness, blow your insecurities on us, but, you’ll never ever destroy us.

After dusk comes dawn. There’s no June without you.

This November is all about harnessing the talents within. Cultivating curiosity, courage, confidence and creativity. Life is filled with opportunities. Trust. It’s about accepting and releasing emotions, negative thoughts. Reaching out to humans through loving kindness and warmhearted action. Striving for growth and progression. Connection and compassion. Speaking with integrity. Being impeccable with the words.

It’s about redirecting the attention. Good energy, good vibes, filling our lives. Knowing we have the freedom to express ourselves. To be who we are. Magnificent, dear human. Magnificent. Creating things we wish existed. Courage. Sometimes it takes courage to be who you are.

You are exactly who you need to be.

It’s about following the heart. Quieting the mind. Living life, dancing with every breath. Now is the time to set all worries aside, to rise above limiting beliefs and self-destructive behaviour. Awaken to a new confidence, as forceful as the strongest, brittlest wind. Found within. It’s always found within. 

I welcome you, dear November. I believe your cold breeze sings to me, as your dark night speaks to me. My quiet thoughts secretly in love with your dark, fierce character. However, be gentle, be kind, as summer, still on my mind.

And while I’m reading you slowly, I’ve become aware, that beneath that brisk, unpredictable wind lies a warm, delicate soul, teaching us all how to grow.




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