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”Never forget who you were. Who you are. A human. An angel. One ending turns into a new, beautiful beginning.”


Dear life,

you’re gorgeous. Unbelievably delicate. Yet, we think we have you for an eternity. Infinity. My favourite word. A word with a meaning that doesn’t even exist here on Earth. Yet, I believe in breathing in the unknown. Breathing out the fear.

Dear after life, people who leave us too early, where do you take them? When they don’t know why they’re leaving and where they’re going, are you there to embrace them? When they are scared, are you there, squeezing their hands tightly? Dear after life, please dance with them. Play them your favourite songs. I hope you have the best parties, the best laughters and the loveliest of views. I wish you take them for a breathtaking ride they’ll never will forget.

And although you’re there, and we are here, we are all breathing the same air. While we’re watching the midnight sky from underneath with tears in our eyes, hearts breaking, you are the midnight sky. You. Are. The. Stars. Drying our eyes. Bringing us back to life.

Dear life, you may be delicate, with an ending so bitter sweet. However, dear after life,

you are infinity.




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  1. agp98 says

    Dear after life, Give us the courage to prepare ourselves here in this present life, so that we both will be happy to meet each other .


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