Random thoughts

Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme

… it just has to touch someone where your hands couldn’t.

”I shall bleed words. As soon as my tears dry up my soul will flow like a river.”



”I stopped sleeping

the day you stopped saying goodnight.”



”maybe if he closed his eyes

she would disappear

and so he did

he closed them gently


he forgot

his heart was wide open.”



”and something inside her just…

fell apart

that’s the only way she could describe it. ”



”she was monday morning

hot summer evening

soft kisses

dusty books

honey milk

and a full moon .”



”good sense of humour

dirty mind

beautiful heart

adventurous soul.


dangerous combination.”



”they were a strange love

too immature to last

too exceptional to break.”



”she wants

to be loved

with an

honest tongue,

devoted heart

and exclusive eyes.”

– unknown



i miss you the most

at 4 am

the world is still

the sky is dark

my mind is


i hope your dreams

are sweet

at 4 am.





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