Random thoughts

Dearest Human

”Pause when you think you need to take action. Listen when you think you need to raise your voice. Let your sincere emotions shine through the moment you think you need to shut up.”



Dearest human and dearest life,


Sometimes I need a break from my own thoughts. That is usually when I find myself playing with words. Dancing with my mind.

Call out with your love. Feelings that come back, over and over again, are feelings that never left. They simply took a short, light sleep. Like the curious, carefree child you once were you suddenly realize she’s still there. Underneath. Whoever is meant to travel through life with you, will be there, carry your suitcase when you’re too tired. Embrace you when you’re too cold. Laugh at your jokes. Dearest life, you’re everything we ever dreamed of; intense, unpredictable, merry, demanding, enchanting and seductive. How come we always choose to run away from you? Run away from where we are? Wishing to be somewhere else, someone else. Please, return to this present moment. Taste her, feel her and amaze her. Be appreciative of where you are, cause it’s exactly where you need to be, in order to travel to where you ought to be. The beauty of life is to see the beauty within. Return home. You can’t control how life unfolds around you; your neighbor’s taste in music, your lover’s apathy, peoples’ constant need to control one another. Without rain nothing grows. Without the pain we do not heal. Without the love we do not feel. Always choose to show up in life as the truly amazing human you are. That you can control. Give others the opportunity to love you for who you are; it gives the other person a chance to show up as well. A chance to be true, to you. Don’t remain voiceless in a world that demands your graceful expressions. Dearest human, understand, you don’t have to be like the rest of them. You don’t have to be someone you’re not. You simply have to be better than the person you were yesterday. Be you.




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