Random thoughts

A desire to learn

”I simply wish to be better than I was yesterday.”


Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the desire to learn. To know the human mind and its complex structure. Psychology, history and the art of writing. How the human body works. To know why people do the things they do, and why they don’t do what they say they will do. To understand every language, to be able to speak to each and every one I meet. Does an animal think? I want to know about culture, architecture and art. All these wonderful things making life worth living. Worth exploring. To be able to touch people with merely words. How does it feel to be a painter? An astronaut? A chef? How come humans are so extremely creative? Magnificent beings. I’m overwhelmed. And pleased to be one. I wish to know about climate change. Which foods that are best for the human body. For the environment. I wish to know the functions of the cell organelles. Why some politicians seem to believe they can continue feeding us lies. To know how it’s possible to create a masterpiece, a work of art. If there’s life in outer space. Stars, galaxies, stellar remnants, gas and dark matter. Classical music. The complex nature of certain diseases. To know the basics of coding, medicin and buddhism. Peace making skills. Love making skills. The differences and similarities of religions. Of humans. To simply be able to know it all. To have it all.

I wish to better myself, each and every day. Not for fame nor fortune, or success. I just wish to understand. Understand life.




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