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Inner Strength

”she is kind but strong, and that is where so many mistake her. they interpret her kindness for weakness and force her to show her strength.”

– JmStorm


Being courageous doesn’t always mean you aren’t afraid. Sometimes it simply means that you’ve the inner strength to keep moving forward, embracing fear.

I truly believe each and every one of us are stronger than we really think. Life is a wonderful journey that is not always easy. Sometimes life puts difficult situations in front of us in order to help us grow, and to find the strength to build us into more powerful and confident beings.

You either have been, or will be, challenged at some point in your life. However, you’re not a victim. Don’t let an experience weaken you, let it build you into a stronger human. You’re more than the circumstances in your life; it’s how you grow and choose to cope with the circumstances that will define you. A challenge should not be seen as a force that works against your overall wellbeing, happiness or success. It’s rather a way of gaining more knowledge about yourself – growing and learning how to connect with your true self.


”Wear your strongest posture now,

and see your hardest times as more than just

the times you fell

but a range of mountains

you learned to climb.”

– Morgan Harper Nichols


I like to think we all have some kind of superpower. Mine is a strong intuition (wishful thinking?!) I haven’t reached the point yet where I’m able to master my superpower. I’m aware of it – trying my best to learn to act on my feelings and insights, cause that’s the only way for it to grow stronger, and to become a tremendous asset to me throughout my life.


What is your superpower?


”You’re a woman, use it;

bring every man you meet

to his motherfucking knees.”

– Unknown


Allow your intuition to guide you. How? Through meditation, yoga, listening to your heart’s desires, observing nature. Ok, I admit. It sounds a lot like mambo jumbo. But it’s not. I swear. As a matter of fact, it’s rather simple. Really simple actually.

You see, we humans tend to over-complicate things. I’m pretty sure our brains have a crush on thoughts. Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts, the only thing on its mind. I believe I’m not the only one who would like to be able to switch off every now and then; especially when it’s way past bedtime. However, meditation has helped me tremendously. It has helped me to turn off the mental chatter, to become mindful in the present moment; it has forced me to simply be. To exist. And to ”be” should not be something that’s difficult to master ( despite how crazy in love the brain might be with its thoughts…)

For sure it can be hard to completely turn off, and to let go, in this busy, online world. But start slowly. Set aside a couple of minutes everyday. Minutes that you dedicate to yourself, minutes when you allow yourself to simply be. Sitting alone, in stillness, is both empowering and energising.

I do promise you, if you dedicate time to yourself, and to the practise, inner strength will follow.


”She wears strength and darkness equally well,

the woman has always been half goddess, half hell.”

– Unknown







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