Random thoughts

Dear January…

… you’re beautiful just as you are, with or without snow.

”The light within her is precious. Brightens up every cold, dark heart. Come closer. Pay attention, and you’ll notice the tears in her eyes are actual stars.”


January is for growing. Taking one step at a time. Day by day. Believing in oneself. Never neglecting one’s true passions. Coming alive. Feeling grateful. The sun is out.

There’s always something to be grateful for. Life. Dear human, be grateful for life.

This January is all about confidence, curiosity and creativity. Three magic C’s. The time is now. The now is all you have. It’s about soft and tender snowflakes dancing along fast paced footsteps. Choose to dance. Choose to laugh. It’s your choice. It’s your life. Grow. It’s about taking action, those dreams won’t happen unless you do.

Allow yourself to be scared. To not have all the answers. Be curious anyway. Let your inner being shine through. Life is damn precious. Every nanosecond is a miracle on this roller coaster. Don’t you understand you have to live? Don’t just be. Thrive, blossom and believe. It’s about being strong. A smile doesn’t always mean you’re happy, sometimes it simply means you’re strong. And you are. Strong and filled with hope.

Dear January, I welcome you. You might be cold. You might be dirty and grey, however, there’s always a burning light within our everlasting hearts.



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