Random thoughts

Her life is a poem waiting to be born


‘My words, merely a fraction of my brain and the entire universe haunted by my feelings.’



”become addicted to her smile

and fall in love with her presence”



”the moment arises

when you become to cherish



all your desires

every color of your soul

for then and only then

life becomes authentic”




”you live for the fame


other people’s approval

longing to take the world by storm

still a simple question remains

have you taken yourself by storm?”




”she has been quiet for too long

her soul demands

to come out and play

make life

a poem

speak the truth

loves everyone so deep

they drown

in her kindness

every night she falls a sleep

with the intention

of making life

a happier

and a more fearless place”




”her life is the poem

she has not yet written”


Photos: Pinterest


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