Random thoughts, Wellness

What inspires me?

‘If you let go of self-doubt, follow your heart and make time for the things you truly enjoy life becomes much more rewarding. Even in the midst of all chaos.’


Inspiration is like a snowflake; peacefully falling down from the sky ready to settle down on earth, but as soon as it touches the ground it melts away. I love to seek inspiration in the littlest of things. Knowing that once it’s found it has to be grabbed, nurtured. Because if not, it will evaporate like the tiniest snowflake.



My number 1 inspiration. Humans are astonishing creatures. I’m inspired by kindhearted people that help each other for no reason. People that dare to dream big, that follow their heart and that aren’t afraid of failure. People that are passionate about what they are doing and don’t care about getting other people’s approval.


Whenever I feel unmotivated I go outside. Nature has a lot of beauty to offer. You can find inspiration just by listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, watching the snowflakes caress the trees or by watching a sky full o stars. Being outside for at least 1 hour per day is something I take very seriously. Now is the perfect time to be outside; snow on the ground, the air is crisp and cold – a real creativity boost.


Reading books and listening to music are two ways of nurturing the inspiration. While I usually end up listening to the same songs over and over again I try to be a bit more open-minded when it comes to choosing books. When it comes to music, movies and books I easily get so lost in the lyrics, or the story line, that I forget where I am.


Exploring a new city, a different culture, is probably one of the best ways to find inspiration. You don’t have to travel far in order to experience a totally different culture; Open up your browser and start surfing on never-ending Internet waves. Of course, nothing beats travelling to another country and exploring the people, architecture, climate, food and culture.


I’ve come to appreciate the silence more and more. When in stillness ideas seem to float more effortlessly. We’re constantly engaging our minds which makes it difficult to turn off, and to fully relax. We easily get distracted and influenced by all the noise, chatter and messages surrounding our everyday life. Our thoughts shift from this to that, from the past to the future and then back to the past again. What if we just paused. Paid attention to the heartbeat and realised that we’re everything we need.


What inspires you?



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