Random thoughts

soul on a piece of paper

‘the moon shines its brightest merely so we can come alive.’


it’s the silence that speaks to me

dangerously impatient

it has something to tell

oh how i wish you knew


nature in its purest form

only exists

she observes our every move

shocked by our consciousness

and how it simply does not notice

all of the magic it has been given


if i would write

my future

i would put

your soul

in every word

dangerously charming



lost in all intelligence

beautiful while sleeping

every precious breath

caressing my heart

not purely words

your soul

my life


we fall, we get up
we fall, we get up
we fall, we get up
we accomplish, we shine
and passivity hunts us down
never getting up again


the intensity of her dark gaze,

and he knows

her soul was born to simply amaze,

repairing broken hearts


when I think of you
the moon shines brighter
like an answer to all of my million questions
knowing that you can’t hear them
yet you can see them
you just have to take a glimpse at the sky
but how come I feel
you never do


every word has beauty. uniqueness. on its own it’s perceived as solely a word, but in a sentence it becomes life



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