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The mentality of successful people

‘The key to success is to start before you are ready.’


One thing I have become slightly obsessed with the past year is reading about, and listening to inspirational people. In my opinion, inspiring people are those who are living their passion, following their dreams and pursuing their goals in life.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what differs a person who actually takes action to chase his/her dreams to the one who just talks about his/her dreams. It is very easy to talk about what we want in life, write about it, and dream about it. We might even visualize how we achieve our dreams and our goals. But it all stops there.

What traits do these successful humans have that the persons who is stuck in their dreams, and keep on being stuck in their dreams, do not have?

  1. They take action. These people know that in order to achieve and become successful they have to work hard. Nothing comes easy. It is not enough that you talk about how you wish your life to look like, or how often you dream about that company you would like to build, or all that money you would like to have. ‘Oh if only I hade more time.’ ‘I will do it next year when I am ready.’ You. Need. To. Take. Action. And you need to do it now – not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. Now. You have to start somewhere, start small. Just start, because frankly speaking there is no excuse for not trying. You have to prepare yourself. You do not have to be 100 % ready, since lets face it this feeling of ”being ready” won’t come knocking on your door with flowers and chocolate in he middle of the night. No, you make time for the things you want. You create opportunities. A year from now you will be happy that you started today.


  1. They have confidence. This is a tricky one, because if you do not have confidence it will most likely be very difficult to create confidence out of the blue. It takes practice, and a strong belief in oneself and what one is capable of. You have to learn about yourself, you have to fall deeply and madly in love with yourself (the worst cliché ever, I know, but at the same time it is true). You have to know that you are worthy of having the things you wish for in life. The more we learn about ourselves, and accept ourselves for who we truly are, our confidence will grow stronger. Core confidence is knowing that although you get fired from your job, or rejected for your work, you know deep down inside that despite these things you are worthy, and you get back up. Everyone makes mistakes; it is part of human life. You learn from your mistakes, you grow and you find yourself in the progress.


  1. They have faith. They believe in the things they cannot yet see; simply because they know; they have a strong feeling that things will finally fall into place. They know that the combination of hard work and having the ability to believe is the strongest force. While they have a clear vision of the end-goal, they also know that in order to reach that beautiful destination they have to enjoy the journey as well.


  1. They have desire. Successful people have passion; they love what they are doing. Honestly, it is rather obvious, because if you do not love what you are doing you will sooner or later give up. Because it will be hard, it will be challenging, and all people will not agree with what you are doing. BUT you continue because deep down inside you know that this is the right path for you. You do not give up when things get uncomfortable; you roll up your sleeves and get to work.


  1. They give. They have developed a mindset where they focus on how they can contribute to the world and to the people around them. They do not solely think about making money and how they can improve themselves, but instead how they can improve the lives of others. In order to receive you have to give. You have to share your talents with the rest of the world. How can they benefit from what you are doing? We are in this together, how can we help and serve each other in the most successful way?


  1. They focus on themselves. Do not compare yourself to others. Focus on your unique talents, your unique traits. What are you good at? Focus on your assets. It is the strengths you need to polish, and you have to make them even stronger. We all have weaknesses, and it is important that we become aware of them, but we should not focus on the things we cannot do. Instead focus on the things that make you great, and make them even greater.


  1. They have a willingness to learn. Be open-minded, learn new things – it makes you more creative. You can never have too much knowledge. Take every moment to improve yourself – if you stumble upon something that makes you uncomfortable, something that is new to you, then use that opportunity to gather new information and new knowledge.


  1. They ask for help & They are grateful. Successful people know that they are not great at everything. They gather knowledge and advise from others. They learn from others. They build an encouraging team around themselves, because they know that together they become stronger. And furthermore, they practice gratitude, every damn day. They are grateful for every achievements in life, because they know that they would not be the person they are today if it were not for all the things they done so far.


  1. They make time for things that make them feel relaxed. They know the importance of taking time-out and recharging their batteries. They do things that give them energy to proceed, and succeed. Whether it is practicing meditation, travelling, spending time in nature or cooking a meal to their family; they do it because it makes them rejuvenated.


  1. They do not swim in the past. Yes we learn from both our previous failures and victories, but they happened in the past. They have occurred, we reflect, and we move on. Successful people know that the now is the only thing they have and from there they move forward.


I could easily write about this subject for hours, but I think I have to end it here. If I ever When I write my masters thesis I would delightedly want the research questions to be something regarding the mindset of successful people. How do they think? Do their brains look differently? How come some people succeed while others don’t? Meanwhile it is good to make oneself prepared, and to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Whatever you wish to do, big or small, now is a great time to start.



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