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‘You write your life every day. Remember to edit it as well;every piece of it, every teeny-tiny word and detail. It’s your work of art after all.’


To have a balanced lifestyle – What does that even mean? I always thought that balance is something all humans need to strive for, in order to feel content and at peace. But when I started to think about it more deeply – the actual meaning of the word “balance” – I slowly started to change my mind about the concept that we all need to find balance in order to have a happy and fulfilling life. 

The meaning of the word balance according to Oxford dictionary;

‘To be in a position where you will stand without falling to either side, or to put something in this position.’

‘To give several things equal amounts of importance, time, or money so that a situation is successful.’

There are, however, many different types of meanings to the word, based on the condition. Balance is so distinctive, depending on whom you are talking to. What may be considered, as balance to me, may seem like total madness to you.

Most certainly we have balance during some micro periods in life (according to our own definition of the expression that is) but life happens, continuously. All day every day things and circumstances are thrown at us. It would be ridiculous if we would stay on track each and every day. We are humans after all, not aliens.

We cannot control everything that is happening around us. Sometimes we just have to chill, even if that means we are off balance. Oh my! You might become aware that yo do not have time to train seven days a week for two hours straight, read a new book every week, write your own book, meditate for 20 minutes a day, practice yoga every morning, work 10 hours straight, find your soul’s purpose, be a good wife/husband, pet the dog, water the flowers, travel the world, teach your children how to be great role models. I can go on for hours here, but I think you get the point.

‘Oh the beauty of life. The beauty of admitting that life isn’t perfect, and that there is nothing such as balance.’


We need to accept that we aren’t perfect. Life is like a dance. Sometimes you dance in perfect harmony with the persons you love, a beautiful passionate ballet piece. And sometimes you just don’t. You just sit there on the bench, pulling out nose hairs, and no one is asking you to dance. AND if you might be willing to dance it ends up as a messy and non-rhythmical mix of ‘wake me up before you go-go’. Oh the beauty of life. The beauty of admitting that life isn’t perfect, and that there is nothing such as balance.

Last year I was training too much – I was approximately hitting the gym every day for probably 4 to 5 months. I thought that I found balance. But then all of a sudden odd aches and pains in my joints, bones and limbs started to show up. I felt tired and sluggish during the day; the workouts made me feel fatigued, not energized like a workout should make you feel. And the worst part – I was terrified of taking a rest day. I had hit a plateau, and the workouts did not benefit me in any way. Overtraining is an imbalance between work and recovery. When you put too much stress on the body and do not give it the proper amount of rest, various undesirable things happen. The common side effects cited clinically are a state of chronic fatigue, depression, and underperformance despite rest. However, I was not over trained, just training too much and not listening to my body’s needs.

Somehow I managed to take that first, and well needed, rest day. I started doing other things, like writing, reading, wearing normal clothes, listening to inspirational podcasts, walking in nature just for the fun of it, and I began to stretch. The best decision ever, cause it brought me to yoga. I began to understand the importance of rest and to let the immune system build back up.

Now I am at this stage where I have no anxiety if I do not workout for three days in a row. Yes I am still learning, meaning a week without a workout and I start to feel a little distressed. But what I am trying to say here is that I now train because it makes me feel good, it makes me feel happy, alive and energized. I do not train because ‘I have to’.

With that being said. Sometimes we just do our best, we do what we think are the best thing for us at the time being. It might be the right thing, or it might be completely wrong. We are humans – we live and we learn. And that is something I will never stop doing; learning and educating myself. Since the day will never come when we can honestly say to ourselves; ‘Now I am fully learned, I have gained all the knowledge I need.’

No, darling, you keep on learning until the day you die.



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