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Exercise Your Mind – Free Write

‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’


Whenever I need to find some new inspiration, and allow new thoughts to enter I free write. It can be about absolutely anything. It can start from a word that I like, from a song, from a conversation I overheard at the coffee shop or from nature. It can grow from anything.

Writing is exercise for the mind. As important it is to exercise our bodies it is equally important to exercise our minds. You don’t have to write in order to challenge your mind; you can learn a new language, study a new subject or meditate – simply do something that your mind isn’t used to.

Allow your mind to stay open for any ideas to enter, whatever ideas they might be – let them come. Don’t analyze them too much; they’re just thoughts. In the end they will simply be words written on a piece of paper. A piece of paper that eventually will end up in the garbage.

Step out from your own mind

I often try to picture myself in another person’s mind when writing, forcing me to become more creative, to allow the feelings to become more profound. Cause let’s be honest, you don’t have to feel all the feelings you write about. Sometimes you just want to step outside your own mind and write from another person’s point of view. I like to think that’s how we grow our minds; it’s how we become more open-minded, more empathic human beings. Try to put yourself in another person’s situation. It’s difficult, but it’s worth the challenge.

“I write cause it makes me come alive. I write, cause I speak so much better when I’m silent.”

– L.M.V

Free Writing


The power of silence

People are so familiar with talking, noise, distractions, sounds, screaming, interruptions and opinions that silence has become rare, and sometimes even frightening. Silence is a powerful tool because people don’t expect silence. People expect argument, disturbance, debate, and they seek every opportunity to be right, to have the final word. Make them uncomfortable, hence, force them to think before they speak. Thinking before taking action. Let them become aware of the peacefulness that surrounds us. To master silence is to master your voice, it’s to master your surroundings and it’s to master yourself. Make space for silence, and you’ll make space for sensational thoughts to enter.


He always thought that it was his mind and body that were tired. But it’s his heart. While his mind is wide-awake it’s his heart that wants to go back to sleep. If it weren’t for his mind his heart would spend the entire day underneath the sheets, in total darkness. It’s not his mind that’s weak; it’s his heart. It’s not his mind that’s empty; it’s his heart. It’s not his mind that’s anxious; it’s his heart. His mind is strong, focused, brave and alive. It’s not his mind that’s losing it; it’s his heart. His mind has been forced to listen to the shattered heart for quite some time. It never gives up though, cause it knows that his heart will flourish again. But he’s not convinced. ‘Listen to your heart’, they say. ‘But if I don’t have a heart’, he whispers. ‘It’s lost, and no where to be found.’ The only thing he’s deeply sure of is that he would have rather lost his mind than his heart.



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