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‘Be humble, yet confident. Be kind, yet honor yourself. Be vulnerable, yet fierce. Be a dreamer, yet a doer. Follow your intuition, yet be open minded. Don’t be afraid to be. To exist.

Be you.’




Be good to people for no reason. The world might seem as a dark and cruel place. However, there is also plenty of love. Plenty of kindness. It’s everywhere, just stop and look around. Be aware. It starts from within. Let your kind-hearted self shine through.

Be a visionary. Take time to listen to your dreams, to your imagination. Believe in your inner voice. It speaks the truth. It always does.

You’re the creator of your own destiny. Spread your wings, darling. It’s time to come out of your shell. Let your magical, powerful self shine through. Allow your inner artist to come out and play. Now is the time to shine. 

‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.’

– Albert Einstein

The now is wow. If you’re not happy with the current circumstances there is always the possibility for change. Not next month, not next week. Not tomorrow. Now. Now is always a good time to change. Baby step by baby step. Do something everyday that will bring you one step closer to your desired destination. And remember, sometimes the journey itself is the destination.

Write it down. If you come up with a great idea – write it down. Let yourself get nerdy and write down everything that comes to mind; every teeny tiny detail. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Water it every day, nurture it and believe in it. Great things will come.


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