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‘I notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.’


Friedrich Nietzsche

Spicy, creamy soups are perfect for chilly autumn evenings. Perfect for today. I was too lazy to cook though. The changing of the seasons always makes me slightly unwell, or it feels like my body is drained of all energy. But I was lucky since I got to try the new indian red lentil soup from the  company Spoons. ❤ I just chopped up some veggies; broccoli, bell pepper and kale, fried it in olive oil and mixed together with the soup. And the soup! It’s really delicious – creamy and sooo perfectly spicy. I’m totally fond of lentil soup. One of my favourite dishes.

The other day I baked the best banana bread, or should I say banana cake. For the recipe click here. It’s very easy to make and the taste is perfectly sweet, absolutely amazing. Since I’m home alone I’ve been feeding my tired body banana cake the past few days. Cant really complain. Soul food at its best.

And yes, the best part of this weekend – my brother is running the Stockholm half marathon. Good luck to him! Meaning a small family get-together in store for the weekend since my sisters are coming to town. Well needed.

‘During the darkest night she falls asleep, while autumn leaves dancing through the gentle breeze. I promise I’ll wake you up after you’ve had your beauty sleep. Until then, sleep tight dear summer, sleep tight.’






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